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Today was the perfect example of why ‘I don’t like to make plans’.  In spite of the fact that we knew it would be raining – and cold, did have plans to have a nice breakfast of fresh, hot doughnuts and coffee.  This is a rare treat for us since David is diabetic. We have this treat only about twice a year.   But, when I woke up – even before the alarm went off – it was obvious that there was no power.


So stumbled around in the dark, called the power outage in and waited. And waited.  Three hours later it comes on . . .  and then goes off again for another half hour.  Thankfully did have time between the two down times to get coffee made.   But rest of plans were a no-go.  That really threw the whole day and haven’t yet gotten myself righted yet.


Not much else to tell since there isn’t that much going on. We did take advantage of the nice weather on Thursday to cover all the outside faucets . . . all 8 of them !!!!  David didn’t skimp when he was putting in water faucets.  Nice to have but what a chore to wrap and cover.

Went to doctor on Wednesday and got a good report so we are thankful for that. Did a little shopping and bought a box of ginger thins.  Don’t really know why.  They just looked good.  Got the idea (from David) to make an ice cream sandwich out of them.  So off I went.

Took some vanilla ice cream (Blue Bell, of course) and mixed it until it had the texture of soft ice cream. Then placed a tablespoon of it in the center of one cookie, placing another cookie on top and pressing just enough until the ice cream reached the edge.  Placed sandwiches on a  plate and returned them to the freezer.


They rated ‘5 stars’ according to David and are about a two-biter. Since he loved them,  guess I’ll be buying  more of those ginger  thins next trip to town.  My only problem with them is that they have canola in them.  As a note,  I’ve noticed that in the ingredients listed for products, I’m not seeing canola but rather ‘rapeseed oil’ listed.  Different name – same GMO product.    To try and get around the rapeseed issue, going to look for other thin cookies to use instead.


Now for my ‘chuckle’ for the week.  Saw this on FB –









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