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Cookies from Cake & Brownie Mix – Lemon & Chocolate Vanilla


Don’t know where all the time goes. Guess part of that could be chalked up to having to go shopping for a new freezer and dish washer. This meant a couple of scouting trips to larger cities. And, why is it that when one appliance goes out, you can bet that something else will crater. The dishwasher went out just about a week after the freezer. We all know the old adage that says things come in threes – but that’s all I’ll say about that . . . don’t want to jinx myself. Or, it may be too late already !!??? Hope not.    dirtydishes


Couldn’t believe how expensive new appliances are. Ouch! And everything is electronic – which means it needs a surge protector. Anyway had the new dishwasher (Bosch) delivered and installed on Tuesday.  Picture is just a smidgen of the dirty dishes I was wanting to wash when I discovered washer wasn’t working.  Bad water pump.   All that washing by hand reminded of when I was a kid and helped Mom in the kitchen.    Now waiting on the freezer for next week. We decided to keep the old freezer and use it for storage rather than have it ‘removed’. Don’t know yet what we’ll put in it – guess that depends on how much humidity it holds. We bought some packaged crystals that are supposed to take the moisture out of the air – so we’ll wait and see how they work. Damp as the weather is, shouldn’t have to wait long.


It actually feels fall-ish today. Cool (in the 50’s), rainy and overcast so it’s one of those days you want to curl up and snooze. Hmmmmmm – can you say David and Bear. That’s what those two are doing. At least Bear doesn’t snore. 🙂


tenderloinWith all the goings on – in addition to the appliance shopping, still finishing up dental ordeal – so there’s not been a lot of unnecessary cooking going on. But – I did find a new way – at least new for us – to prepare pork tenderloin.


Took the loin cut it in half length ways, cut those halves into so I ended up with four portions that look a little like flank steaks. Marinated them in Grill Mates Bourbon Brown Sugar marinade for about 1 hour, then cooked them my favorite way to prepare steaks inside. To read the steps to prepare perfect steaks, visit this link.

Another time saver would have been  to make cookies out of a cake or brownie mix.  You’re probably wondering why would anyone want to ruin a perfectly  good brownie . . . . probably because the recipe  sounds like it would be really good.  fudgevanillacookies


The recipe for  using a cake mix is for a crispy-lemon cookie. Since I’m not fond of chocolate, this would be the one I’d try first. It uses a pudding-in-the-cake mix and crispy rice cereal. The original recipe didn’t call for it, but think I’ll dust mine with powdered sugar.


The chocolate vanilla cookies – made from brownie mix – uses white chocolate in the mix. David is a chocoholic so will definitely have to make this one for him. But will first have to get crispy rice cereal at the grocery store.


lemoncookiesBoth of these recipes are available on I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free in the Dessert section. Get both recipes at this link  If you don’t see the recipes, try refreshing (F5) the page to see new content. 


Final thought – have you ever bought ground beef – that even after you cooked it – was still pink in the middle? Well I have. And, now I know why. Read about ‘pink slime’ here. Can’t say that I’ve encountered any of it lately – but it would seem that it is currently being purchased by some states for use in school lunches. Regardless of how much money it saves – some how I can’t make myself, for one moment, accept the fact that I’m eating slime . . . of any color.


Update:  (10/18/2013) –  Tried out the new dishwasher for the first time last night and am very happy with it.  So quiet you don’t even hear it running and our dishes haven’t sparkled in ages like they did this morning.  Practically looked new !  The manufacturer recommended Finish tabs – and that is what we used and will continue to use if those results are typical.





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