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Sunsets & Cinnamon Cider

autumnlaneIt has been a beautiful Fall so far – lots of reds, yellows, maroons and rust colors to be seen. When we lived in the city we never really got to see the beauty of it all – everything seemed to be in a capsule. We’d see one pretty tree driving down the street or a glimmer of a sunset from the breakfast room window in the afternoon. Never the whole picture. But out here in the country – you can see for miles and take everything in . . . never ceases to awe me.

This picture of the gate – taken by my neighbor John Boykin – is just up the road from us. I’ve always wanted to paint that picture it is just so perfect – doesn’t look real – but it is . . . I’ve seen it ‘in person’ .

fall1The sunsets in the fall and winter are spectacular. I’ve no clue why sunsets should be more colorful in the fall and winter than in the spring and summer but they are. These pictures of the sunsets were taken by David from our front porch. We’ve seen so many gorgeous sunsets up here that I’ve never been able to pick a favorite – they are all so beautiful.

fall2We do enjoy sitting on the front porch in the evening – it faces west and we have a perfect view. We keep the camera handy all the time just in case Mother Nature decides to put on a show.

A good beverage to sip when it gets cool is what I like to call ‘cinnamon cider’. It’s easy to make and makes a good holiday party drink as well.

You will need a large size percolator – if you don’t have  one,  you can cut the recipe in half.   Besides the percolator, all you’ll need are

  • 42-46 ounces of apple juice
  •  1/3 cup of the little cinnamon red hots

Place the red hots in the basket of the percolator, pour in the juice and percolate until the candies are gone. This is obviously non-alcoholic, but it could be ‘spiced’ it up if you like.  🙂

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