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Chuck-Eye Steaks ‘Oven Grilled’

What a weekend – the water pump stopped working due to a pressure switch…. so David spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday in the pump house tracking down the problem and then fixing it.  In 100 degree heat I know that wasn’t fun. 

Today though we had a visit from a dear friend – and that was fun.  Seeing someone you haven’t seen in a while  is always a special treat.  Fixed steaks for lunch.  She seemed to enjoy them so I’ll pass along the recipe.  It’s quick and easy.

MesquiteI prepared Chuck Eye Steaks.  We find them to be less expensive than the Rib Eye cuts and just as tasty.  First take a meat tenderizer or fork and jab the steak on both sides all over.  Place the steaks in a glass dish and cover with your favorite marinade.  We like the Grill Mates – Mesquite in particular.  Let the steaks marinade per instructions.  Bring them to room temperature before cooking.

To cook – oil the bottom of a heavy oven-proof  skillet (I like cast iron) and bring it to a medium-high temperature on top of the stove.  Sear each side of the steak for 3 minutes.  Then place the skillet with the steaks into a pre-heated 500 degree oven for 15 minutes.  When done, remove the steaks and let them sit for 5 minutes before serving.    The will result in a well done steak.  I can’t speak to preparing a medium or rare steak  using this method as we like ours well done.  I can say I’ve served these steaks to people I know usually order medium or rare and  not ever had anyone complain.    A baked potato, salad, and dessert round out this tasty meal. 

Note:  If you have any left over steak, saute some onions in a little oil and add in the thinly sliced steak – add in a splash of Teriyaki Sauce and cook for a few minutes until heated.  Makes a great wrap-up.

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