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Bugscuffle . . . . plus Recipes: Crock Pot & Knedliky

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. It was our 26th wedding anniversary and we decided to take the day off. Get away from everything and see some new territory in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Having lived in Texas all my life – there aren’t too many places I haven’t seen or heard of – but the community of Bugscuffle – just the other side of Rusk – was a new one to me. Have to tell you the Bugscuffle we saw and the one I found on the Internet are two different animals.  The East Texas Bugscuffle appeared to be more of a local community with only a few houses – whereas the Bug Scuffle (it’s even spelled differently) I found on the Internet – is a hunting ranch near the Vanderpool / Kerrville area. Nevertheless, thought the name was amusing and wonder where in the world it came from.

Seems every time we turn the television on, there’s some sort of disaster – fires in Colorado and Utah, power outages in DC and the east… who knows what will be next. I can certainly sympathize with all those people. Last year from the front porch we could see billowing clouds of smoke in the distance – kept a close eye on those clouds watching which direction that fire was going to take. And, just last week we were without our A/C -granted we still had power – but boy were we uncomfortable. And then there was the time a few years back we were without ‘community’ water for 10 days !!!!   Fortunately, our well was working, and we were grateful to have it – but the well water has a bit of a whang to the taste – so we ended up buying bottled water to drink.

Of all the inconveniences we’ve experienced through the years – here and in the city, being without water is absolutely the most difficult. And we were the lucky ones – we could carry well water in from outside for flushing, washing and bathing – no drinking. But saw a product advertised last week, that would have been God-sent making the mineraly well water drinkable. It’s a personal water filter in the shape of a ‘straw’. In fact, this little device claims to make any water drinkable . . . well water, pond water, ditch water! So guess we’ll be buying at the least a couple of those little gadgets to keep around the house just in case. Once I find a link or place to purchase, I’ll pass it along.

I think that being prepared for any emergency is a must today. Foods, extra gasoline, alternate power (generator), water, first aid, extra medicines (OTC and prescription), and a way to keep food cold. The best way to keep food cold is to use Polar Packs. Unlike the typical gel packs you most often see, Polar Packs are easier to stack and pack (they have nice square corners and come in assorted rectangular shapes); hold the cold much, much longer; and don’t leak if punctured. Nancy and Lori turned me on to these (thank you ladies) and now I’m sold on them. We’d been using these years ago, if we’d only known about them and that they could be purchased from Amazon.

Weather hasn’t been hot – compared to last year, but you can tell it’s summer with temps in the upper 90’s. To help keep the kitchen cooler (this translates to not using the oven), I’ve decided to get out the old crock-pot and use it to prepare a few meals. To that end, I’ve placed three crock-pot recipes online:

  1. White Chili
  2. Shrimp Creole (serve with rice)
  3. Corned Beef and Cabbage

I plan on cooking some chicken and dumplings as well, but will use Mom’s recipe for knedliky (Czech drop dumplings). That recipe is also online here. The pictures below will give you an idea of the process – really easy to make . . . only uses flour, eggs, salt and maybe a little water.

The pictures above (Step 1-2) show making the well in the flour where you break the eggs;  (Step 6) the ball of dough before you let it rest;  (Step 8) using a teaspoon to cut the knedliky before placing it in boiling water –

(Step 9) shows the knedliky boiling in water (or you can use chicken broth for more flavor);  last picture is where I tried using the wooden spoon to keep them from boiling over – it worked!  Enjoy!


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