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Breakfast Quesadillas

cropdusterWe took one of our shopping trips to Bryan-College Station earlier this week. It’s always an enjoyable trip. David and I don’t have any plans to move back to a city, but if we did, we’d seriously consider the BCS area. It was a typical shopping day – Sam’s, Harbor Freight, Hobby Lobby, etc. All the stuff we can’t find locally. However, did have an unusual experience on the way home. We were on Interstate 45 – about five minutes from our exit when we saw a very low flying airplane about half a mile ahead. It appeared to be  barely missing the tops of the trees. Our first thought was ‘crop-duster’. But there were no crops to be seen. At that point the plane was flying away from us – but then made a wide U-turn and appeared to be heading straight for the highway. The only thing we could think of was that he was going to have to make an emergency landing on the highway. Scary part – he was coming right at us.   Cactus_2013David sped up and the plane flew right over us, took a left turn and headed back over the field to our right . . . disappearing behind a stand of trees. Guess whatever was going on with the plane didn’t involve any emergency – and we were glad not to have witnessed a crash landing.

Random thought – My Christmas cactus has decided to bloom – for Valentine’s Day. It’s covered with lovely pinkish-red blooms. Would you believe this cactus is over 30 years old?!


Breakfast Quesadillas

Lately, I’ve found myself falling into a rut when it comes to cooking.  I find this t0to be  more true when I’m busy on the computer – like I’ve been lately. But did find time to try a new breakfast dish. For me breakfast is the one meal of the day that can really fall into a rut quickly – eggs, bacon, toast; eggs, sausage, toast; eggs corned beef hash, toast; etc. Anyway, since David likes sandwiches so much – and since he considers quesadillas a sandwich – of sorts, thought I’d try making a breakfast quesadilla.


  • Start out by sauteing finely chopped onion ( about 1 tablespoon) and green bell pepper (not much, too overpowering) in a tablespoon of butter until slightly soft.
  • Add  in 1 cooked sausage patty (chopped up) – or bacon if you prefer.
  • To these add 2 well beaten eggs and scramble it all together.
  • Removed skillet from heat and set aside.


How to make Breakfast Quesadillas:

  1. Preheat the green skillet to medium heat. (BTW – I’ve decided I really like my ceramic green skillet  – easy clean up & cooks really well.)
  2. Lightly butter 2 flour tortillas on one side each.
  3. Place one tortilla (butter side down) into the pre-heated skillet.
  4. Place slices of Pepper-Jack cheese on the tortilla, cover with half the egg, onion, pepper, sausage mixture.
  5. Place the other tortilla on top (butter side up).
  6. Cover with a lid and cook until the bottom tortilla is lightly browned and the cheese had started to melt.
  7. Then, carefully turn the tortilla over with a spatula, replace the lid and brown the other side of the quesadilla.
  8. By this time the cheese is nice and gooey. If you don’t like Pepper-Jack cheese, try using Monterrey Jack or the Mexican 4-cheese mix. You want to use  cheese as it holds the quesadilla together. I tried making one quesadillas without cheese. . . fell apart when I tried to turn it over, and the flavor wasn’t nearly  as good.
  9. Place the skillet-toasted quesadilla on a plate and cut into quarters.
  10. Repeat the process using the other 2 tortillas and the remaining egg mixture.

I like eating mine with picante sauce, David likes his plain.  Another good thing about these breakfast quesadillas is that they can be frozen and re-heated in the microwave. Only takes about 20-30 seconds to reheat.

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