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Big Puzzles for Grown-ups

If you’ve ever bought anything from Ikea and had to put it together, you’ll know what I’m talking about. All the bits and pieces, screws, pegs, nuts, bolts, and the strange little tools they send along for you to use – not to mention the confusing  directions.

For quite a while now, I had been wanting a tall, narrow cabinet to put in the bathroom, behind the door. Somewhere I could store all the things I had no other place to put . . . like the extra bottle of bleach, hairspray, nail polish remover, cleansers and whatever might find its way there. BTW – It’s off limits to David.

Saw exactly what I’d been wanting in a Lakeside Collections catalog couple of weeks back – so David ordered it for me. It came today and surprisingly, it only took about an hour to put it all together. Gave it a freshen-up of lemon oil and behind the door it went. Fit just perfectly and I can now stash to my hearts content.

Projects Update

We’ve actually been doing really well on finishing projects this year. The last flower bed to put in is coming along nicely – all the weeds are gone and the borders are in. Going shopping this weekend for compost and flowers.


We started painting the faux bricks on the new ‘star deck’ – and that is looking really good. To do this, we’re using a brick form like you might use for making a cement ‘brick’ walk (that’s the form laying on the step in the flower bed picture above-left) and cans of black  spray paint.   We’re working down the middle to help keep everything even.  To make this happen, David used a chalk line to snap a guide for us.

Before we started painting the bricks, David put a wire mesh barrier along the existing fence along the orchard side to keep out the small animals that roam at night. Otherwise, the yard would be full of holes (armadillos).

Improvised Lady Fingers

Don’t know if you’ve tried the Lady Finger Napoli  recipe posted a while back, but haven’t heard the end of those around here. Unfortunately, lady fingers are non-existent at our country stores so… had to do a little improvising and use cake.

Followed the same recipe, just replaced the lady fingers with yellow cake that was baked in a large rectangle pan and sliced horizontally  . . . wanted it nice and thin.   Then cut those pieces into equal slices to stack. (Since there are only two of us, I use half a box yellow-butter cake recipe at a time – using two eggs, and adding 1 teaspoon of vanilla to the recipe.)   Next, trimmed the edges to make them even, then stacked the cake layers with sugar-free vanilla pudding between. Topped it off with ‘Splenda’ powdered sugar glaze and the chocolate swirl. Refrigerated it overnight – it was yummy the next day.   Lasted for about three days or 6 servings. (The cake pictured was made by using half of the baked rectangle cake from 1/2 box. Other half is in freezer waiting for next time!)  Enjoy!


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