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Best Onion Rings . . . by Accident!

Sometimes the best things are discovered accidentally. Such is the case with the onion rings we had for lunch yesterday.onioon_rings

Let me go back to that morning to explain this. Thought we’d have some nice baked biscuits with sausage gravy and eggs for breakfast. Had everything going well. The water was boiling for the gravy and I whipped up the gravy mix to add in. BUT – just as I was about to pour it in to the water . . . thought to myself, ‘this doesn’t look right’. It was a kind of yellow color – not white like it usually is. So before adding in the mix, checked the label on the jar. Sure enough – I’d gotten the spiced flour canister mixed up with the gravy canister. (Not the first time this has happened!) There was quite a bit of the ‘mix’ – about 1/2 cup or so – and I hate throwing out stuff – so into the fridge it went. I was sure I’d come up with something to do with it. And I did. Onion rings.

Sliced the onion thin, battered the rings and deep fried them.   David, of course, loves anything fried. But even I have to admit these turned out really good. Light golden color. Nice crisp texture,  not heavy. You can bet we’ll have these again.

For those who might like to give them a try. Here’s the batter recipe:

Tempura-style Onion Ring Batter

  • 2/3 cup cold water
  • 3/4 cup seasoned flour (the ‘KFC’ kind you can buy at the store)
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of corn starch
  • blend together with a whisk until smooth

Dip sliced onion rings in batter and fry in hot oil until golden brown. Drain on paper towel.

Note: Tried making the batter again today, without it sitting in the fridge for 3 hours. It came out just as tasty. In fact, don’t think I’ll every buy Tempura mix again – this batter is better, cheaper and easier ! Can’t wait to try it on shrimp.

dogwood_2014Wild & Not So Wild Flowers

My pink Dogwood is in bloom as are the wild Dogwoods along the roads here in East Texas. Besides the Dogwoods, I’ve always thought Texas has some of the most beautiful wild flowers. Goes without saying the bluebonnets are favorites – but there are a lot of other wild flowers out there that are just as pretty. Unfortunately, I don’t know many names. Not even the ones that are blooming in my own yard. Guess most people would call them weeds – but when the fields are blanketed in yellows, reds and purples – they look like  flowers to me.





There are some pretty purple flowers blooming right now that have triangle shaped petals. Very unusual and they grow flat on the ground. They only bloom in the morning but are so pretty when they do.

If you are looking for a quick trip to see Texas wildflowers – now’s the time. Brenham and that general area are good to visit.  Lots of fields full of bluebonnets and other colorful blooms.


And, if you’re into antiques – especially those where you can enjoy the countryside at the same time, they are having the Bi-annual Round Top-Warrenton Antique Fair starting now until April 5. For information on the antique shows, visit this link . . . .Texas Antique ShowsNice thing about Round Top is that you’re likely to see lots and lots of wildflowers along Hwy 237 while visiting the antique shows.

PS – Don’t miss Old Henry Farm, he always has the best dealers and best food! To see some pictures of Frank’s show – visit this link.

PPS – While you’re out there enjoying the countryside, look for outlet malls in the vicinity by visiting our newest pages that list Texas Outlet Malls, Outlet Stores and Factory Stores by region at Shop Texas   FYI – our favorite outlet is the chocolate outlet in Corsicana . . .  but there’s lots to choose from and more added as we find them.


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