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Belgian Waffles – ‘No Sugar Added’

What could be better than a bowl of  fresh strawberries?    How about a lightly toasted waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, glazed fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.  We like to think of  this concoction  as our own special take on ‘Belgian Waffles’, and we love them for breakfast, dessert,  mid-afternoon snack – or any other time for that matter.

belgianwaffleTo make this delicious and delightful-to-look-at dish, begin by cleaning a quart of strawberries, cutting them into small bite-sized pieces.  (Retain a couple of whole strawberries if you want to use them as a garnish.)  Mix the chopped strawberries   with a container of store bought (sugar-free) strawberry glaze.   Glaze can usually be  found in the produce section.   Cover and store strawberries in the ‘fridge.  This mixture will keep for well over a week.   Although our glazed strawberries have never made it past  a week. 

Next, prepare the ice cream.  Use approximately 1/2 cup sugar-free ice cream (Blue Bell, of course!) per serving.  To give this dessert it’s own special  flavor I’m sharing my secret ingredient with you.  In a separate bowl mix the ice cream with 1/4 teaspoon orange flavor for each cup of  ice cream used.  Mix the flavoring into the ice cream until ice cream has the consistency of  ‘soft-serve’.  Replace the flavored ice cream in the freezer until you are ready to prepare the desserts.   I know adding the orange  flavor doesn’t sound like a big deal  and may even sound strange –  but trust me, you’ll be amazed at the difference in the overall flavor.  

Have a container of Cool Whip, Reddi-Whip or Splenda powdered sugar on hand for topping.  Recipe for Splenda ‘powdered sugar’ can be found in the Apple Strudel post.

When  ready to assemble this delicious dessert  have plates, spoons, and ingredients lined up and  ready to go.  Lightly toast the waffle or waffle portions.  Place toasted waffles on plate,  place scoop of  ice cream on top of waffle.  Next put your whipped topping of choice on top of  ice cream.  Then spoon glazed strawberries over the top.  Get creative and artistic with the placement of the drips and have some fun.  You can garnish with whole strawberry or  sprinkle small amount of powdered sugar if you like now.  Not necessary but makes  for a more elegant look.  Serve and enjoy immediately.

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