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Most of the time, things pretty much move along out here at a steady pace. There are always meals to cook  (yup, still cooking 3 meals a day), lots of computer work to be done and all the other general maintenance stuff, i.e., laundry, house cleaning, yard, gardening, shopping, etc., that goes along with living day-to-day. All this gets done pretty much without any hassle. But every once in a while I reach my limit and have to make some changes. This last week – reached my limit.

Aside from the usual chores, I was totally blown away by the mess in my freezer, mess in my pie safe where I keep kitchen towels, extra paper, napkins, etc., and the major mess in the office. So I set out to fix it all.

Don’t know about you, but I hate my side-by-side freezer. The little freezer space is too narrow to be useful so I end up stuffing boxes and bags of food where ever I can cram them in and then finding something becomes a real challenge – even with my colored labels! It had gotten so bad of late, that I’d taken to just unloading the whole shelve onto the island.

So when I saw some handled ‘freezer baskets’ in a catalog I thought I’d found the solution to that problem. And, they were on sale – marked down from $7.99 to $5.99 – each.

Now, if you’re like me you like to do a little comparative shopping before buying anything.

Two ways we do this. First, we look for the item on Amazon for price comparison as well as customer reviews (this has saved us a lot of grief over the years); and second,  we like to check local stores for same item. If the price is same or close, we’ll buy local and save on shipping costs.

What a surprise. Found a comparable basket at Walmart for less than half price. Wow! Saved myself some serious money there. Bought the equivalent baskets and ended up saving  43% per basket plus shipping. They worked like a charm and I can now pull out 1 basket per shelf and easily get to what ever I want.  Also bought a few extra large ones as well as six smaller ones.  Plan to use the large ones  in the big freezer in the garage and the little ones in the small freezer in the pantry. 

Next tackled the pie safe. It is an antique piece that I bought years ago and I enjoy using it to store kitchen towels, napkins, plastic bags, extra rolls of plastic wrap, foil, etc.

Ended up tossing a lot of old towels (gave those to David to use for rags), and then did a simple re-arranging of what was left. Looks so much better – all that clutter is gone and things don’t tumble out when I open the door.

We’ve been working – off and on – in the office to try and get it better organized and move out some of the stuff we have crammed in there. When we were doing a lot of client work and selling on EBay – seems we needed it all – but no more – so out it goes.

At the rate we’re working on re-arranging and sorting, figure it will take about 3 weeks to get it all done. But that’s OK – at least we’re moving forward. It’s even too big a mess to take pictures of!!

For those that may not have read the story or heard of Blue Star Museums, they are offering free admission to active military members and their families over the summer – Memorial Day to Labor Day.

This link – – will take you to a page where you can click on the appropriate state to see a list of participating museums. It’s set to display the Texas museums right now.

Pass this info along to any military people you know – it’s a chance for them to take a much deserved break and do it for free.

Memorial Day is just around the corner and I’ve put up 3 new recipes that are nice and cool –

Thought any or all of them would make a tasty addition to  upcoming  Memorial Day get togethers.  And, I’ll be taking next week off – going to use the time to re-charge my batteries . . .   maybe even tackle the office a little. But, I’ll be back the second week in June with lots more on the joys of country living.

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