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Banana-Blueberry Pie ~ Sugar Free

After a somewhat crazy week (more on that later) – I found time to make David’s favorites for Father’s Day.  Shrimp for the main course and one of his favorite desserts – Banana-Blueberry Pie.  This recipe is a take on a pie we used to eat at Luby’s in Houston.


The recipe I’m posting is how I prepare it; however, you can make it even more sugar-free by making your own pie shell from Murray’s SF Vanilla Wafers.  You can also cut out some of the fat by using low-fat milk instead of whole milk.

What you will need: 

1 pie shell (I find the graham cracker shell tends to over power the pie flavors so I use Shortbread or Vanilla Wafer shells)

 1 small box sugar-free pudding (here you can use vanilla with 1 banana layered in the pudding  OR you can use banana cream pudding)

1 banana (optional);  1 carton of Cool Whip (thawed);   1-2 pints of  blueberries (if you want more berries use 2 pints/more glaze use 1 pint)  and 1 container of Marzetti’s Sugar-free Blueberry Glaze.  (You can find the glaze in most larger groceries in the vegetable/fruit department.)

Wash and clean the blueberries (you may find an odd stem)  and then mix with the container of Marzetti’s glaze.  Cover and refrigerate.

Prepare the pudding per box instructions.  If you are using  banana slices,  place them evenly around  the pie shell and  spread  the prepared pudding over the slices.  Spoon enough Cool Whip on to generously cover the pudding.    Cover with the pie with the clear cover that came with the shell and refrigerate  for about 2 hours before serving. 

Depending on how I plan to serve the pie (just us or for company) – I will either drizzle the  blueberries and glaze over the top of the pie (company) before cutting (makes a pretty presentation)  or just individually spoon the glaze on the slices as I cut them (just us).   That is just a ‘me’ thing.  You can put  the berries on all at the same time if you like.  This is one of those desserts we try to eat as quickly as we can since the crust tends to get soft after a couple of days.    I might add David heroically sacrifices himself  by eating  this dessert at least once a day –   sometimes twice a day –   just so we won’t end up with a soggy pie !!

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