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Bamboo & Guacamole

We don’t go to many auctions any more – mainly because they’re just too far away. Which is probably a good thing. But we did go to one last weekend. It was an on-site auction held by our favorite auctioneer Johnny Norman. The home was lovely and the outside had lots of stuff. The guys were going crazy in the garage and out buildings buying up man-stuff – tools, boats, tractors, lawn mowers and everything in between. Fortunately, David got out bid on most everything he had his eye on (furniture clamps, box lots of assorted nuts, bolts & screws). The way I look at it …. how many tools does a guy need?

While we’ve seen almost everything at auctions over the years, have to say this auction had something I’d never seen. Bamboo. A whole stand of bamboo – they kind you see in China; growing right there next to the work garage. Must have been at least 20 feet tall !! with some of it having a diameter up to 4 inches!! Who knew bamboo would grow in Texas! Since I saw a couple of books in the house on growing bamboo, I can only guess that the owners had grown it on purpose. Especially since it seemed they were using it for various projects around the property. They had used some bamboo poles as a ‘roof’ on the pergola next to the pool, and there were small piles of it laying around. Maybe it has to dry like wood before it can be used??

In addition to getting a chance to rummage through stuff, we also had the opportunity to visit with some old friends we hadn’t seen in a long time. The children we’d remembered as little ones playing with toys on the floor at the back of the auction are now teenagers.

With everything going at what seemed very low prices, it was hard not to bid – but if I felt myself having a weak moment, I just thought back to all the stuff in the closets I have to sort through – and the urge passed. I’m hoping Johnny will have another on site auction that is close enough for us to attend – it’s nice to see old friends.

Calava -Avocado –¬†Guacamole –¬†Dip


Most of the time David and I agree on what to eat. And, there are only a few things he absolutely won’t touch – avocado being one of them. I enjoy a good guacamole salad but only fix it occasionally since I find eating a whole avocado a bit too much. But – since avocados were on sale last week, I bought a couple of them and made some guacamole for myself.

Quick Guacamole Recipe: 1 large avocado mashed, 1 tablespoon each – finely chopped onion and diced tomato, 1/2 scant teaspoon garlic powder, salt to taste. (Ingredients can be adjusted to your own taste – add about 1 teaspoon fresh lemon or lime if you have it to keep the dip fresh.)

As I didn’t have any lemon (or lime) I’d heard that if you put the seed back in the guacamole, it will keep it from turning. So thought I’d give it a try. After mixing everything up, plunged the seed back into the green-goo (David’s words) and refrigerated it. Ate what I wanted that night, refrigerated leftover portion and checked on it next day at lunch. While the top was slightly darkened, the part underneath was still fresh looking. So I’m wondering, maybe if I place the plastic wrap directly on top of the mixture – so the air can’t get to it – that might help. I’m going to try making some more green-goo to see if keeping the air off the top keeps it better. Or, maybe I’ll just buy a lemon.

More Tips

I’m always looking for ways to save money or recycle stuff here at home. The tips below are some of my favorites.


Save used ‘zip bags’ to hold stinky trash and keep it from smelling up the kitchen. Zip them closed to prevent any odors or attracting ants, and then stash them under the sink for easy access.

If you only use milk for cooking, consider buying half and half instead of milk. The half and half can be diluted with water (50%) for the same results – but it will last in the refrigerator twice as long as a carton of milk. This also works when making puddings and cream sauces.

When sauteing vegetables or making blackened shrimp, fish, or chicken, don’t use just butter. Try a 50-50 mix of butter and olive oil. You’ll get the same buttery flavor but without all those extra calories.

If you want to soften towels and blue jeans, put them in the clothes dryer with a slightly damp wash cloth and run the dryer for 20 minutes on regular heat. The moisture will soften the clothes without making them damp.

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