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3 Muffin Recipes & What to do with those ‘bits’

We sat out on the front porch last night, in the dark, listening to the rain. That’s something we usually do when the power goes out, but not last night. The power was on but we just decided it would be nice to take a break from television to watch the lightening, listen to the rain and feel the cool breeze – especially enjoyable after a scorcher of a day at 99 degrees. It’s cool again today and thankfully, still raining. Won’t have to water the garden or yard for at least a week! Everything is doing well –sort of – lots of beans, squash and tomatoes. 


Haven’t seen the snake again – another thing I’m thankful for. It would seem though that either the black-eyed-pea eating ants  are back or else we have a very hungry rabbit because something is shredding my black-eyed-peas. Two ‘huge’ sections are completely gone; just stems sticking up. Haven’t quite decided how to handle this. We went out last night in the dark (before the rain) to look for ants with the flashlight – didn’t see any. But this morning more leaves are gone. Hmmmmm – may have to check with some of the neighbors to see if they like rabbit stew! Just kidding! But do need to do something. May try spraying the leaves with blend of hot sauce and cayenne pepper mixed in water. 


Still cooking three meals a day – including desserts which – over time – can become tedious as I find my self slipping into a rut cooking the same things over and over.

Fixed fried chicken yesterday – David calls it ‘angel chicken’ because it is very light and tender – I might add also labor intensive but worth it. It’s the recipe I posted a while back that has the light, crunchy Panko crumb crust. You can get the recipe here.   If you make it, make enough to freeze some for later!

What to do with those bits?!

Where this is going is that I prepared (was going to say created – but that seemed a bit pretentious for leftovers) a ‘new’ dessert – concocted from bits and pieces of stuff I didn’t know what to do with but didn’t want to throw away. Surprisingly, it turned out really good – so guess we’ll have it again. And, for those that are looking for a quick, easy dessert, this one fills the bill . . . and can be prepared at a moments notice for unexpected company. 

So what was it? Vanilla pudding with caramel sauce and whipped cream. I had a partial box of vanilla pudding, one cup of milk, an open jar of caramel sauce with a little left in the bottom and a partial can of whipped cream.  Seemed like a likely combination – and it was.   This was a really good dessert because even though it can be made using sugar free pudding and caramel sauce – it still tastes sinfully  rich.

Used the cup of milk to mix with the half-box of sugar-free pudding, poured into individual serving bowls and chilled. When ready to serve, topped with whipped cream then drizzled with sugar-free caramel sauce. I’m thinking about next time swirling the cold caramel sauce through the pudding like a ribbon to see how that tastes . . . and would probably look pretty as you eat it.

3 Muffin Recipes

For me, summer makes it more difficult to cook. Oven heats up the house, too hot to eat anything heavy and we don’t seem to be as hungry. In addition to keeping a variety of casseroles in the freezer to microwave and serve, I like to bake two or three batches of muffins at the same time for a quick breakfast – or snack.   Like the casseroles, they freeze well and re-heat nicely.  We’re partial to blueberry-streusel  but lemon-poppy seed are a close second. You can find the recipe for the lemon poppy seed muffins on  I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free  – and you can get the blueberry-streusel muffins recipe at this link .

For those that enjoy something different, you might like the gingerbread-pear muffin recipe I just put up. I’m waiting for the pears on the trees to ripen before I try this one. But it sound nice and spicy, so we’re looking forward to trying something new.  Enjoy!


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