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Money, Money, Money

Things have been so busy around here I haven’t had much time to do anything – anything that I like that is.¬† ūüôā

Of course, it’s tax time …..again – so most of the weekend was dedicated to getting papers together. Just about have it all sorted out – so it’s off to the CPA next.

After reviewing last year’s numbers and this year’s numbers it would seem that everything is getting more expensive. What else is¬†new??!!¬† And, what with the way the overall economy is going, looks like we’re all going to need to find a way to earn a few extra $$$. That being said, we’ve been really busy working on our outside Internet projects trying to see what works best for generating some additional income. We’re rarely not doing something on the computer – but have found that monetizing our websites seems to be working…. slowly. We’re definitely not getting rich – but if we continue to build on what we’re doing – we can at least help offset some of the rising prices.

We’re very much encouraged with a new program we’ve found out of New Zealand. The guy that runs it (Mark) – so far seems to be the most realistic about what to expect, and very up front about how and what to do. We’ve dealt with a lot of these guys in our search for the ‘silver bullet’ – and unfortunately not all have their member’s best interests at heart. Mark’s got loads of free tools to download for use and always good info. If any of you think you might like to try Internet Marketing – give a look at – and from that page click on the Affilorama link (right side bar). If you’d like to see a website that’s been built based on what we’ve learned from Mark – visit

For those that may be interested in doing some sort of on line business – or have questions and want to know how to go about getting up online either with a business or blog, we’ve developed as a learning tool. You’ll pretty much find everything you need to¬†get know to get you started¬† – including a lot of the basic do’s and don’ts of having a website. Best thing – the information is Free and in very simple to understand language.¬†¬† Fact is I’ve put this blog on line based on everything I wanted and needed to know when I first got started but had a hard time finding and understanding.¬†¬† PowerToEarnMoney is my way of¬† trying to help¬† others¬†find the information they need¬† – without it¬†taking¬†them as long as it did me¬†to ferret out all the info and explanations.¬†¬†

And for those of you that may not be into¬†building websites or blogs¬†– but still want to try earning a few dollars, check out It’s a ‘classified ad site’ where you can sell just about anything for free. I haven’t tried it so can’t offer any help – but I’d be sure and read all the Terms before listing anything. ¬†And while you’re at it – if you have something to sell, a service to offer, etc. check out the FREE listings on Look for the Marketplace on the home page – right side towards the ‘bottom’.

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