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Home Business – Making Money on the Internet

handwmoneyBefore David and I ever moved to the country, we gave a lot of  thought as to how we might be able to earn money – away from the big city.  I particularly remember one lady we talked to – we had gotten lost trying to find a County Road and she was nice enough to give us directions –  she told us, “If you planning on living out here in the country,  you’d better bring your job with you.”    And that’s just what we did. 

We have found over the years that there are many ways to make extra money.  We’d been in the antique business  in Houston for over 20 years – so opening an antique booth in one of the surrounding towns seemed the thing to do.  And, until the economy took a turn – it was well worth our time and effort.  (Love those country auctions.)   However, we now find we need to move in another direction.  And,  we’ve chosen the Internet.   After all, what can you not find on the Net?  We’d already had our antique website – Texas Antique Mall – up and running for over 10 years, so why not just move into another Internet market?   We decided to try our hand at  affiliate, PPC and email marketing.

We’ve done our homework and continue to learn how to make these markets work for us.  We’ve had a lot of  people along the way say they would like to do something similar but didn’t know where to start – so David and I sat down and put together the 7 ‘easy’ steps necessary to get someone started with an online business.  Right from registering a domain through the how-to’s of making money. You can find all this information – for FREE –  at Power To Earn Money.  

We’ve lot’s of  ideas and plans for providing more information in the future and will have a FREE Newsletter registration within the next week so you sign up to get good, helpful information delivered right to your Inbox!   After all, who would say ‘No’ to an extra few hundred a month?

3 comments to Home Business – Making Money on the Internet

  • MaryMargaret Noel

    please send me info

  • janmon

    Thank you for the request for info. Most of the nformation you would need to get started you will find at:

    Here we have listed the basic steps for getting started with an online business – either your own, or promoting an affiliate or niche. If you don’t know what type of business you want to start. That is one of the
    topics we’ll be covering in our upcoming Newsletter.

    We will have a sign-up for a newsletter on the website shortly. If you do not see it (it will be at the bottom), please check back and sign-up as we will be sending out over the next few months lots of really great information about what to do and how to do it. Things it’s taken us lots of money and years to learn – you’ll get for free.

  • Lynne Vargas

    Please send more information