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Oil Painting – Where to Start?

pondshack_photoWith our daily temps running at 100 or above – it is way too hot to do anything outside.   So I’ve retreated to my air-conditioned studio room that David built for me  to do a little painting.  I enjoy painting – oil not acrylic – any have been painting off and on for many years.    David loves taking pictures and takes excellent photos so when I saw the photo he took of our pond one foggy morning – I knew I wanted to try to put it on canvas – and, I wanted to do it in more of an Impressionist-style.  

pondshack_charcoalMy first step was to sketch out the primary color areas on the canvas using vine charcoal.  Vine charcoal is a thin charcoal  (about the thickness of a thick grape vine) that give a fine line and wipes off easily if  I find I need to move a line.

pondshack_blockOnce I have the primary components of the picture sketched, I then block in the colors using a color that will work well under the colors that will be placed on top.  This step doesn’t have to be exact but I try to keep as close to the charcoal sketch as possible not going over the ‘line’ into another section as this will tend to effect the proportions.  I’ve left the building area without any color because I haven’t decided yet if I want to keep the Impressionist style for it or maybe make it a little more realistic looking.    The brushes I used for blocking in the colors were bristle brushes.  I’ll use sable for the next step and for finishing out the painting.     Since I will have to wait  for the paint to dry before I add the next layer,   I usually have 2 painting in progress at the same time that way I can work on one while the other is drying.  texas_road

The other painting I’m working on is a typical  Texas scene – dusty road, bluebonnets, rock fence – it still has a ways to go. The blob on the fence is going to be an old wagon wheel – and I want to put a wind mill behind the old barn .  .  . oops,  the white in the middle of  the sky is glare from the flash – sorry about that.

If you think you’d enjoy painting check out this Landscape Painting Book – especially if you don’t have access to lessons in your area.

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