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Graphoanalysis – Does It Really Work?

graphochartI think it does. After many years graphoanalysis has become exact and scientific – even used in court cases. If you’re not familiar with graphoanalysis – it is the science of determining personality through hand writing. Did this many years ago as a hobby – and happened to find my old reference book today while hunting for a computer program guide. It’s literally been years – probably when we moved up here 12 years ago – that I’d even thought about this book. So I took a few minutes to thumb through it and refresh my memory of what the various handwriting strokes mean. Curious but you actually can identify a person’s character and personality traits and tendencies through analyzing their handwriting. And, when I say handwriting – I’m talking about a minimum of half a page hand written text – no printing allowed . . . and you cannot determine anything from just a signature.

One of the basic characteristics you can tell is emotional level. The Emotional Chart pictured above shows 6 slanting lines . . . the greater the slant the more emotional the person. A person whose handwriting falls into the backward slant between F and A – is the opposite of emotional expression and would pull back into himself.

graphotradeTo determine the slant you measure the up-stroke of letters (shown in ‘trade’ picture). Overall the ‘T’ is a significant letter and can reveal quite a bit about a person – even in where they cross the ‘T’. The lower the t-bar crosses you would have evidence of the writer ‘underselling’ or lacking faith in himself. The t-bar crossed above the t indicates a person with very distant goals – possibly those goals would not even be practical. This person would be a dreamer – someone who dreams about something but has no way to achieve it.
graphofThe letter F is another good letter to observe. If the upper stroke is missing – only bottom loop – then the person is probably materialistic. However, should the letter F be well balanced with upper and lower loops the same – then the person shows ‘organizational ability’. Regardless of the handwriting – if there are frequent breaks between the letters, i.e., writing ‘some day’ as ‘so me d ay’ – with breaks within the words themselves –  this indicates psychic ability.

I used to do this a lot for friends and my son even did a science project one year where he got samples of all his teacher’s handwriting and we analyzed them. Now that I’ve found my book – think I just might read through it again and refresh my skills. It’s a lot of fun and once you get the hang of it – you can’t help but notice characteristics in the handwriting of the people around you. . . and that can be very interesting!!  If you think you’d like to try your hand at graphoanalysis – the book I use is Handwriting Analysis: The Science of Determining Personality by Graphoanalysis. and available through Amazon for about $2.00 used.

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