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Totally Amazing – “Skin Gun”

There are very few ‘WOW‘ moments – but when I saw the video below – just had to share it.  The quote is taken from The Blaze .   The gun was developed by Dr. Jörg C. Gerlach. 

The name is slightly misleading, but the results aren’t.

It’s being called the “skin gun,” and if it takes off it could revolutionize how burn victims are treated. The invention, which looks and acts more like an airbrush than a gun, uses a patient’s own stem cells (taken from healthy skin), combines them in a solution in the gun, and then sprays them on the burned area. In the small number of patients that have been treated, the results have been nothing short of miraculous: skin that might normally take weeks or months to heal rejuvenates in days. And to the naked eye, signs of the burn are barely visible.

Warning:  The video has some graphic scenes it it – however, when you realize the nice looking man is the same one that suffered the burns – it is even more remarkable.

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