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Spring Fever & Mole Update

Today is one of those wonderful days that you want to just curl up somewhere and take a nap. It’s a little dark outside (for middle of the day), lightly raining and the air feels nice and cool (68°). I find it curious that today should be so much different from yesterday when the sky was crystal clear and it was quite warm by comparison (81º).


The picture of the pond was taken very early in the morning when the fog was just starting to rise. That was the morning we went to Palestine for an appointment and, of course, I had to make a trip back to Lowe’s to check out the flowers on the clearance racks.

 Ended up buying the Asiatic lilies you see here. Plan to plant then in the front yard – in baskets of course as my war against the moles is ongoing. Which brings to mind, the mole ‘elixir’ recipe of a while back – apparently it’s working. After David poured a jug of it into the various mole hills in the front yard couple of weeks ago – we’ve not seen any more activity. I am encouraged that this may be the answer to the whole mole problem . . . and what I like best about it . . . it’s non-poisonous, can be made at home, and is inexpensive . . . or as I like to say ‘cheap’!  You can get the recipe here.


Spring cleaning is in full swing around here. We even cleaned out the old truck on the back porch last weekend. Originally, we intended to use it to hold yard shoes. But, over the years it had become a catch-all for any and every thing. So on Saturday, we decided to take all the junk out of it, sort everything and trash what we didn’t need.


Once we finished doing this, there was plenty of room to hold not only our yard shoes but also all the wires and extension cords David uses when he has to hook up the generator. Now if we lose electricity,  all the things he needs are in one convenient place. No more hunting around in the garage with a flashlight.

Haven’t been doing much cooking this week – or anthing else for that matter –  since we’ve been gone so much.  Have big plans for projects this weekend . . .  weather permitting, and also  have a couple of recipes I want to try next week. One is for a smothered steak with mushroom gravy and other one is for smoked salmon dip.

I’ll let you know how they turn out – but you’ll have to trust my opinion on the salmon one – David doesn’t do salmon . . . but I’ll bet he won’t have any problem with taste testing the smothered steaks.


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