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Product Reviews: Worx & Food Insurance

As anticipated, last weekend was deliciously wonderful. We spent most of the time outside snipping and clipping. And, we finally had time to test out the new Worx Blower-Vacuum we’d purchase a couple of months back. We bought it with the thought of getting the leaves out of the ivy growing around the pond as the ivy is impossible to rake.

After using the Worx Vac a couple of times, we’ve decided that it is going to be a great asset anywhere we want to get rid of leaves, i.e.., off the deck, porches, walkways, etc. In the past, David had always blown the deck clear of leaves, and they somehow always seemed to end up in either the pond or the ivy!!!! – not good. With the Worx vac, he had them vacuumed up and the deck leaf-free in no time.

We also used the vac to get the piled up leaves out of the flower beds where they had almost completely covered the plants. The before and after pictures of the Pentas will give you an idea of how well the vac works. I might add, that it vacuumed the leaves without damaging the plants. Another good thing, the vacuum mulches the leaves before they go into the catch-bag so the overall volume is significantly reduced. The texture of the shredded leaves is similar to that of a paper shredder that cross-cuts the paper. I’m thinking this is going to make great mulch!  (The picture is of 1 bag dump.)

The bag didn’t fill as quickly as we thought it would, and the zippered bottom allows easy empty. I have to say it is easier to empty if you have a second person to do the unzipping and re-zipping. Otherwise it’s a little awkward as the machine – while it isn’t heavy – also isn’t light. Another thing, if you have any allergies or concerns about inhaling dust – wear a mask as I noticed dust coming from the fabric bag while David was vacuuming and there was quite a bit of it released into the air on emptying the bag.


The only negative- if you want to call it that – is that if you use mulch, pea gravel, etc. in the flower beds, it will also get sucked up. The vacuum works best on hard surfaces or where the ground is solid. On a scale of 1-10, we’d give it a 9.

Survival = Food Insurance

Living a minimum hour drive – round trip – to the store, I always keep extra food on hand. However, recently, we’ve taken it a step further and are starting to buy food products to store that can last up to 25 years.

David thinks that with all that’s going on in the world – possibility of turmoil, natural disasters, etc. – we need to have a back up food source that can last longer than our canned goods. Also wanted something that was easy to prepare and tastes good. Answer: We decided to buy free-dried meals from Food Insurance.

We received our first shipment about a month ago. It came is a fancy backpack that is suitable for taking the food with you should we need to leave in a hurry. Our first purchase was the package that will last two adults a week.

I’m somewhat of a doubting Thomas, so before we bought anymore, I wanted to see what it tasted like. That meant that for lunch today we had freeze-dried lasagna with meat sauce. It was very easy to prepare. Just poured 4 cups boiling water into the foil package, stirred, sealed and waited for 9 minutes.


After the recommended time, opened up the foil bag and there was lunch! Not only did it smell just like lasagna, but it tasted like lasagna. Really good. Served it with a side salad and some garlic bread. I think we both were surprised at the quality of the food – and the quantity. We had plenty to eat at lunch with enough leftover for another meal for both of us.

Also we were pleased to see that it is made with healthy ingredients and low in calories (240 per serving). We’ll definitely be ordering more of these freeze-dried meals to keep on hand. They’re good enough that I would even serve them to guests if in a pinch if I didn’t have enough time to cook. It would be really easy to ‘dress them up” for company.




If you’d like to see what Food Insurance has to offer your family, please visit the link below . . . .

398164_Food Insurance

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