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Plums & More Plums . . .

WOW – didn’t know one tree could produce so many plums!! We’ve been picking plums for over a week and there are still more coming. Mind you they’re not very big – but boy are they sweet.

We’ve given a lot of them away . . .  hate to see them go to waste – but we’ve still got a huge bowl full and a grocery bag in the fridge full. Haven’t tried my hand at making jelly or preserves – somehow that doesn’t interest me. Probably because I’m afraid I wouldn’t do it right and  might end up poisoning  us with some sort of bacteria.   So we’ll just have to eat what we can, give the rest away and share what’s left with the birds.

Have to say – again – that the garden is doing well. The coffee cans seem to have stopped the moles and the plants have never looked better.   I’ve got squash, tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers (the little pickling kind) and green peppers. We’re having to water quite a bit – it has been unseasonably hot (over 100 a couple of days already) – but luckily we have a well. If we didn’t I don’t think we could afford to water as needed.

What with the afternoon temperatures being so high, working in the yard has been an effort. We’ve been drinking a lot just to stay hydrated. I know Gatorade is good for that but I don’t like the taste . . . so I add a little lemonade to it to make it more tasty. David even likes my remix and will drink it. We use the dry Gatorade because it keeps better  and can be mixed in whatever amount needed –  but this concoction will work with the bottled kind too.   

In a regular sized glass put 1 envelope of Sweet-n-Low (optional) along with 1 level teaspoon of the ‘dry’ Country Time Pink Lemonade mix. (I find the pink tastes better – go figure!)  Pour the liquid Gatorade into the glass and stir it all up. Add ice and enjoy.  

I’ve also read that Gatorade is good for headaches – so if you’re prone to getting a headache while working in the sun – this might help with that too.

I’ll be adding 2 new recipes to I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free a little later this week so be sure to look for those. Haven’t decided which ones to put up – but with things as hot as they are bet they’ll be something cool and delicious.

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