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I Love Fall

falll4clockFall is in the air – woke up this morning to a delicious 59 degrees outside . . . hazy sky and leaves tumbling out of the big old oak tree in the front yard. Like my mom, I think fall is my favorite season. You have the nice cool weather but you still enjoy the rich green fields, lacy spider webs floating along on the air and those few lingering flowers that survived the Texas summer heat and are still in full bloom. When we first move to the country – I decided not to have any thing in the yard that needed pampering. So I just let all my plants ‘do their own thing’. One of my favorites is the cypress vine that now completely covers the little bird house sitting on top of the sign post. fallcypressThis lacy vine comes up every year from the seeds that fall. Right now it is covered with bright red flowers that the humming birds and butterflies just love. It’s right outside my ‘computer’ room so I get to enjoy it all the time.

The crape myrtle blossoms are almost gone with only a few still in full color next to the gold fish pond. And the flower bush I call ‘4 o’clocks’ were blooming in the front yard even though it was 9am when I took the picture. I think temperature must be more of a factor than the time – as with the Morning Glories that sometimes bloom all the way  into the afternoon on a cool day.  There is a large rosemary plant in the garden – and it is just covered with tiny little pale blue flowers. We give it a wide birth when walking by because of the strong  fragrance that transfers to our clothes   – David says it stinks and would probably cut it down if given half a chance.     Guess we’ll be working in the yard this weekend – getting the leaves raked and then burning them. Can’t wait . . . nothing smells more like fall than burning leaves.

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