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Frozen Peach Update

Frozen peach update: It works!

What with the peach trees in full bloom figured I better use some of the frozen peaches   from last year – and I wanted to see if they would keep the texture  of  a fresh peach or turn into mush.

Put this to the test over the weekend by making some apricot-peach fried pies.   Recipe for apricot-pear fried pies is here – just replace pears in recipe with peaches for a new taste.

Took five of the frozen peaches to use in the recipe . . more than needed but I wasn’t sure how they would ‘defrost’.

 To get them ready for making the filling, dropped the whole frozen, straight from the freezer peach into boiling water, let them boil for about two minutes, and then placed them into ice water.

The skin all but slid off and the peach looked just like it had come straight from the tree.   My curiosity got the better of me – so I cut off a portion of one peach to eat  raw – wanted to see how it tasted.  Again, just like it had never been frozen. I was pretty amazed.

So I proceeded with making my fried pies.  Do have one ‘tip’ for you …. if you’re planing on cooking any fruit pie fillings with a combination of dried and ‘fresh’ fruit, pre-cook the dried fruit a little before adding in the fresh fruit.  If you do not, you’ll end up with either dried fruit that is undercooked and tough or fresh fruit that is overcooked and mushy.

Herbs Away!

Finally got started on the herb box!!  

Of course the whole process was more involved than we planned on. We ended up having to dig up all of the grass in the area so we could level the ground before doing anything else.

We then put down a double layer of weed barrier with the metal panels on top of that.  (Got the panels by taking apart  a roll-around shelf we had bought that we decided I didn’t need.)

We’re only going to this much trouble to try and prevent the moles from destroying the dirt and plants. If I didn’t have the mole problem here – I definitely would not have gone to this much trouble.

Right now the box is  two-stories tall – but I’m thinking that is too much. For one thing the dirt where the two frames meet will leak  and wash out.   And, I don’t think my short herbs need that much dirt  for their roots.  Anyway, I can always add on the extra layer if this doesn’t work.  My gardening style these days seems to be one of  ‘trail and error’.

Guess I’m not the only one looking to have a box garden with herbs.  I was stunned to see the ‘box gardens’ at the Lowe’s garden center selling for over $100.  WOW!!!   And, they were no bigger. Granted, they were prettier but when I get my $3 box garden finished and painted – it’ll be pretty too! and I’ll have $97 + tax in my pocket. 🙂

The trip driving to Palestine, i.e., Lowe’s on Monday was beautiful.   This time of the year all the flowers are beginning to bloom and we passed fields filled with flowers. The dogwoods are in bloom as well and since the trees don’t have all their leaves, you can see the white blossoms  scattered everywhere throughout the woods.

Even my pink dogwood decided to bloom this year.

Bluebonnet Trails

If you’re planning a trip to see some of the wildflowers,  Brenham is a good place to start.  For information on Brenham and to get the telephone number for the Bluebonnet Trails visit Day Trips – Brenham.

And… if you love antiques, don’t forget Round Top/Warrenton is in full swing (March 22 – April 2) For a list of the antique shows visit Texas Antique Mall- Antique Shows .

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