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First Day of Spring – TOP 10 Projects

petuniasSince today is the ‘First Day of Spring’ – I’m sitting down and making a list of the things I want to accomplish this weekend.  And, I finally found a weed-eater I think will work for more than 1 season.  It does not use a spool for the filament but has a head I can easily slip the cord through.  I love the way weed-eaters make the yard look – but find the spool-thingy frustrating.

Now for my 10 chores:

1. Weed-eat yard

2. Put mulch in flower bed around cedars

3. Clean out flower bed along path beside garage

4. Prepare garden for planting

5. Plant herbs in herb boxes

6.  Fertilize blueberries

7.  Grout tile on outdoor kitchen

8.  Plant petunias I just bought

9.  Plant Old Maid seeds

10.  REST

If I get just half of this finished, I’ll be happy.

2 comments to First Day of Spring – TOP 10 Projects

  • JeannieM

    Um…………I would still be stuck on the
    “weed eat” part of the list. I am always fine until the filament runs out ……then disaster trying to RELOAD. lol What kind of weed eater did you buy? Old maid seeds? What makes you want that particular flower in garden?( I have not heard of it)I hope you get your WHOLE list accomplished and then you do indeed kick back with a tall glass of mint tea and REST!!!

  • janmon

    This is the first ELECTRIC weed-eater I have seen with this type of ‘spool-less’ head. It is made by Task Force and can be found at your local Lowe’s. Better hurry before they sell out. I waited for 30 minutes before they found one for me. But I wasn’t about to leave without it! Old Maids, aka Zinnias, are very heat tolerant – and require minimal attention.