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Expensive Crackers ~ Cheap Batteries!

Just got back from doing a little grocery shopping at Brookshire’s in Buffalo. I don’t go there often mainly because – in my opinion – they are expensive by comparison, i.e., HEB. For example, one item on today’s list was Club Crackers (David just loves those things) – I usually buy them at Sam’s where I can get a two-box package for around $4.50. Was I ever stunned when I saw the price for one box at Brookshire’s was $4.29. I don’t think so. Guess who’ll not be eating crackers this week?! That item just got bumped to the Sam’s list for our next trip to Bryan-College Station. In fairness, the cheese I was looking for was comparable to the Borden’s sale price – as was the store brand of Half & Half. And, we do like their Angus meat…. but crackers…..??


Now, another item that I think is totally over priced is batteries – particularly specialty batteries. In our case, the kind you use in cordless phones. We have a cordless phone set with an intercom that has four stations which makes it really nice – one on the deck, one in the red barn, etc. keeping us in touch. But, the replacement batteries are so expensive, it was almost cheaper to buy a new phone set… until David found the batteries on Amazon selling for around $4.00 each.     They were the same batteries that were priced around $19.00 at other stores where we’d priced them. Buying them from Amazon – he also got free shipping!  Visit Amazon to see the list of cordless phone batteries available.

Over the years, we’ve found that doing a little comparison shopping on Amazon before buying something usually saves us money – and who doesn’t want to save money these days.

We had an Omaha lasagna for lunch this week. It came in one of those ‘special’ sale packages they offer where you get steaks, potatoes, dessert and something else – in this case it was a lasagna. Up until today, I’d not tried one of their lasagnas – but while searching in the freezer for bread the other night, found the lasagna hiding in the back corner and decided we better eat it before it got too old.

Read the directions for preparing and didn’t like any of them. I find that cooking by microwave makes casseroles tough on the edge, baking in the oven takes too long – so decided to split the difference and make things easy by microwaving for half the time as directed on the box ( 5 minutes on half power ) to get it started and then baking it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees (half the recommended baking time) to finish it off. Granted this was not a recommended method – but it worked very well. So, if I’m fixing either my own or a store-bought frozen casserole – I’ll microwave for half the time and then bake for half the time – resulting in a dish that doesn’t take quite so long to fix – but tastes like it’s been slow baked.

News Flash!   If you think every ‘alternate’ method to cooking and ‘fixing up’  I do works out . . . it doesn’t.  Just came from getting a bottle of HEB Sparkling Water Beverage.  They come in different flavors and are sweetened with Splenda . . . but the flavor I picked didn’t taste sweet to me . . . so thought I’d fix it by adding a partial packet of Sweet-n-Low. What I didn’t know was that when you add Sweet-n-Low to this particular bottled water – you get a volcano. Now while this might be entertaining to those that like seeing white foam shooting out of a bottle – it was definitely NOT what I expected. I trailed water everywhere as I carried it to the sink – the whole time foam boiling out of the bottle neck about 3 inches high. When everything settled down, over a third of the water had been been converted to foam and was gone!   So, if you’re looking for a good science project – this would make a great active volcano – just be ready to mop up the mess!


My yard is a disaster!!!! We’ve got gophers running amok everywhere. To that end I found a ‘recipe’ that is supposed to get rid of gophers. I’ll give it a try this coming weekend when the yard has dried out a little. Best thing about this recipe is that it only uses home products. The recipe is below for anyone that is having gopher problems.



  • 1-1/2 tablespoon Tabasco Sauce
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap
  • 1 teaspoon of chili powder
  • 1 quart of water…

pour this mixture in mole runways and they theoretically run away… we’ll see.


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