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Do Frogs Scream?

They say if you live long enough your bound to see (hear?) everything.  So I pose the question, “Do frogs scream?”.    Over the weekend I was stunned  to see a Ribbon Snake by the back gate with a mighty grip on a small frog.  Just as my foot hit the pavement – I saw the snake; the snake saw me and the frog screamed.   The sound I heard could best be described as a short ‘squeal’ – not really loud but still audible.   We were all startled –  I jumped back onto the step, the snake let go of the frog, and the frog make a huge leap to freedom. 


While Ribbon Snakes are not poisonous – I do NOT want to come in contact with it again.  I was very careful while working in the yard over the weekend, especially picking the blueberries.    Living out here in the middle of a hay field is peaceful ‘most of the time’  but every once in a while there is a  ‘wake-up call’  reminding me not to get complacent about what I do and how I do it.

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