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Daylilies vs. Moles

lily_pinkThe weather today is perfect!  If you close your eyes you can almost imagine you are in either Colorado or California.  So it’s outside for me.  I’ve been wanting to clean out the daylily beds and today is the day.

When we moved to the country I wanted to have as close to a maintenance free yard as possible – and daylilies fit the bill in the flower department.  They are leafy, offer a variety of  colorful blooms and require no work other than cleaning out the dead leaves from last year.    Just mulch them a little in the spring and they are good for the summer.


I have them in  beds  that get the full afternoon sun and this doesn’t seem to bother them at all.  It can get over 100 degrees in the middle of summer and I wanted plants that were not only heat tolerant but also could also withstand our occasional winter freezes. 

I have tried other types of lilies – Stargazer, Easter, etc. – but find that the moles find them a bit too tasty.  Seems every time I’ve set out something other than daylilies they get eaten up before they can even put out a sprout.  I have tried planting the bulbs inside of open-weave metal baskets and this does help but makes working the bed somewhat difficult.  I have yet to find a good, working mole deterrent.   lily_tree Anyone out there got any mole secrets?

I enjoy my  daylilies – even though they only bloom for a day and am always on the hunt for new varieties – which isn’t an easy task.  If anyone knows of anywhere to get daylilies or order them – please leave a comment with where to find them.  Thanks !    Janlily_purple1

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