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Healthy Foods & What They Do For You

foodchartminiGot an email the other day from a friend that contained what I thought was an excellent chart on various fruits, vegetables and other foods in relation to what they can do for you to help keep you healthy. While David and I take quite a few vitamins, I still like to include as many healthy and beneficial foods into our diet as I can. While some of these foods and their benefits I had heard of – some I had not.

We’ve all heard the old adage – “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – perhaps that is because apples are not only a good source of fiber but also good for your lungs and joints. And garlic is good for lowering your cholesterol, controlling blood pressure, immune system, fighting fungus and killing bacterias. I guess you could say this really works because my Aunt Rose, who just celebrated her 101st birthday this past May, used to eat a clove of garlic a day . . . at least that is what I remember being told as a child. Went to visit her the other day in the nursing home and while she doesn’t get around like she used to ( who does??) she still has a wonderful sense of humor, loves to laugh and is a joy to be around.

If you would like to see the 46 foods listed along with all their benefits, you can view the chart from this link. It covers everything from apples to yogurt.

It was a busy week for informative emails – and I have 1 more to share. It is about Pyrex exploding in the oven due to temperature shock. This is true and if you want to read more – visit the Snopes link here.

They say it is supposed to be cool (50’s) and clear this weekend – I hope they are right. I have a ton of leaves to rake and burn, and I need to finish getting the flower beds and garden ready for winter. If I get really energetic – I may even do some BBQ-ing to put in the freezer for those days I don’t have time to cook.

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