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Ham vs. Bacon….$2.68 vs. $4.50

Went grocery shopping in Palestine this week and I continue to be amazed at the increase in food prices – particularly bacon … not much there other than ‘fat’. Breakfast is not a big deal with me – I can take it or leave it – but David has to have a proper breakfast with his medication (diabetic) – so I fix breakfast every morning. Now David loves bacon… crunchy bacon (have to be careful not to burn it) – but we’ve been skipping bacon lately due to the high cost $4.50+ per pound – and with little food value, I might add – in favor of other meats.

For example, we buy frozen sausage patties that are already cooked so all I do is warm in a skillet or microwave. Nice. David also likes corned-beef-hash (why I don’t know) so that is a good substitute for him as well. I divide the CBH in the can into about 5-6 serving sized portions and freeze them until I’m ready to cook it. We also have creamed chipped beef, pigs-in-the-blanket, and my favorite – HAM. I’ve found that I can buy a nice spiral cut ham for about $22.00 – that’s at $2.38 per pound (if I had to pay the same price for the ham as for bacon, the ham would have cost me $41.60). Not too bad and the ham gives us multiple meals, breakfast meat, sandwiches, soups, omelets, salads and more. Any chipped-ham that is left after we package the larger pieces for the freezer  is put into a zip bag – then I can just grab out whatever I want for eggs, omelet or salad. Super convenient, less fat and lots cheaper !!

Of course, we’re still doing our Internet thing – and have noticed that lately we’ve been getting an above average number of emails from people either wanting to sell us their stuff or asking us what’s the best way to sell their collection. One lady wanted to sell her Beanie Baby collection to pay for her wedding. I really feel for these people but the sad truth is that now is not the time to be selling anything you expect to get a reasonable or good price for …. unless you’ve got gold or silver (dream on) and if you do, you should hold on to it – experts say it will only continue to go up. However, we do try to give some information about how to go about selling things, what to do, what to expect and what to watch out for.

If you happen to be one of those looking to sell your collection or grandma’s estate, you may want to read 10 Ways to Sell Your Stuff – here you’ll find the pro’s and con’s of getting rid of one item or a whole collection.

As I mentioned we’re putting up an online store, BUT we have no expectations of it making any money until things get better… maybe 2013 if we’re lucky. However, in the interim we’ll have plenty of time to get everything listed and be ready when – hopefully – the economy turns around. And if it doesn’t well then I’ve kept busy and learned a lot.

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