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Colorado ‘Olathe’ Corn

corn_horI can’t think of anything I don’t like about Colorado – but one thing I really like is their ‘Olathe’ corn.  Every year beginning about mid-July I start watching the on line Kroger ads. In our area Kroger is the only store that carries it. As soon as I know this special corn is available, I head to the nearest town with a Kroger. corn_ver

I’ll buy enough to freeze so we can enjoy it throughout the year. This usually require a few trips.

Over the years I have found cleaning the corn on the deck really helps keep the kitchen clean – and David is always ready to help shuck. Once clean, I blanch the ears in boiling water for about 3 minutes. Next, they get a dunk in a ice bath to cool them down. From the bath they go to a large bowl to await packaging. I freeze about 4 ears to a bag – this is enough for us and company. If you like you can also cut the blanched corn off the cob and freeze as kernels. I’ve done this too but is a lot more work. I use quart bags for the cut corn; gallon size for the ears.  One more thing,  when I’m finished I use the cold bath water to water my potted plants.

My favorite and easiest way to cook corn is in the microwave. Individually wrap each ear in plastic wrap with a small bit of butter or margarine (keeps the plastic from sticking after it is cooked). Twist both ends to form a tight seal. Cook on high 3 minutes for each ear, i.e., 4 ears would cook for 12 minutes. Since oven watts vary – adjust cooking time for your microwave. Mine is 1000 watts to give you an idea for calculating. When the corn is done – be careful removing it from the microwave. The corn is very hot and tongs are a good idea. Clip off one end of the plastic and slide the corn out. It’s ready to serve with some butter and a little salt. It is soooo good and has a unique sweet flavor I’ve not found in any other corn.

‘Olathe’ corn is only around for a little while so I’ll be busy putting up more ears over the next couple of weeks. It is so popular in fact that there is a festival in Colorado dedicated to it. If you want to check it out – you can visit the site on line at Olathe Sweet Corn Fest .

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