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Bloopers & Beef

TGIF!!  Received an email from Jerry this week filled with church bulletin ‘bloopers’ – some really funny.  You can read them at the following  link . . . Bloopers

Also received an email from Becky about X-rays – I’d never thought about it but protecting the thyroid from exposure is important. Read why your thyroid needs protecting….. here

 ‘Where’s the beef ?!’ 

Organic beef that is.  Think there’s not much difference between the  regular ‘natural’  beef we buy at the grocery store vs. the organic beef   . . . read what goes into raising organic beef . . . . here .  After reading about the process and processing,  you may want to start eating organic beef along with those organic veggies.

And finally, if you’re looking for  ‘day trips’ here in Texas that are full of fun but don’t cost a fortune – visit  This Is Our Texas.   Just put up San Marcos – obviously there’s more to see than 1 day could hold but I found some attractions that I didn’t know were there – like the ‘earthquake created’ cave!  Only one of its kind in the nation.

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