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BBQ’d Shrimp and Boudin

BBQShrimpTook advantage of the good weather – still a little warm – to replenish my stash of BBQ’d (they’re more smoked than BBQ’d) meats – bratwurst and Boudin. If you’ve not heard of Boudin it is a Cajun ‘sausage’ consisting of rice, meat and spices. The meat used in the making can vary but we like the ones with either beef or pork. Boudin makes a wonderful side dish for shrimp, fish or pork. And, the smoked Boudin is absolutely fantastic as a rice replacement when making up a pot of the Shrimp Gumbo Soup. It adds a whole level of flavor that’s out of this world.  When BBQ-ing I like to use the small kettle style grill.  I get the coals lighted off and then add wood chips (soak them in water for about an hour before using – they’ll smoke better and not burn) to the coals to create a good, flavorful smoke.  Mesquite is my favorite but any good wood will work as long as it doens’t have any resin.  I have been known to snap a few dead twigs off the old oak to finish cooking when I’ve run out of mesquite.

BBQShrimpSteakSince I had the BBQ going, decided to fix a meal with a little more zip than nomal and grill some shrimp to go with the steaks we were having for dinner. It doesn’t take shrimp long to cook over hot coals so I didn’t put them on until about 8 minutes before I severed dinner.  BBQShrimpmarinade  They had previously been marinated in a mixture of the Grill Mates Mesquite marinade along with 1/4 cup of Bourbon (reduced the water to compensate for the Bourbon). Skewered them (sans shells) and cooked them for about 3 minutes on each side (turning once). They were delicious.

By the time we finished eating the meat was cool enough to package for freezing. I love using the vacuum bags since it helps reduce the freezer burn problem. However when you suck the air out – the area where you write gets all wrinkled making it hard to read what’s written there. My solution is to  write the name and date on a piece of colored paper (large print with a black marker) and stick it in the bag before sealing so that I can read the info or at the very least see the color. I use different colors for different meats – pink for beef, yellow for chicken, blue for pork, green for seafood. This way I’ve got a 25% chance of pulling the right package out of the freezer.

eggnog3It’s off to the store tomorrow to look for cranberries. I’ll be making my sugar free cranberry sauce next few days – so if you’re looking for a sugar free recipe- please check back. And if you haven’t tried the Eggnog Ice Cream yet – you’re really missing out. We’ve almost become addicted to it – I’m thinking of moving it out to the freezer in the garage so we don’t have such easy access – just too tempting having it inside!!!!

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