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We ended up going to the Port Aransas Sand Fest with my brother-in-law and his lovely wife over the weekend.  The weather was very ‘iffy’ when we left but by Sunday it was blue skies and sea breezes.  Just in time for the judging.  If your idea of a sand castle is a couple of  pails of sand turned upside down with a flag on top – think again.  The sand castle and sculptures we saw were totally amazing. 

sandmermaidWe saw castles, animals, fish, mythical creatures – all created with  varying themes in mind. 
We arrived in time to see the artists putting the finishing touches on their entries.  It was interesting to see how they worked the sand using everything from shovels to soda straws!  You may or may not be able to see the details but the mermaid in this picture had a gorgeous face and her hair front and back was adorned with flowers – all detailed right down to the petals and leaves.  You can probably tell this was my favorite as far as being ‘pretty’ goes.    If memory serves me, it was called ‘Seasons’ – I am guessing she was Spring and maybe he was ‘Old Man Winter’. 


sandclockThe other sculpture that caught my eye was called ‘Time Consuming’.  It was a grouping of clocks with people in varying degrees of being ‘consumed’.  You can see that this guy has just has his leg snagged.  A smaller clock on the other side showed only a foot protruding from the center of the clock. 

This is an annual event at Port Aransas and well worth the trip. There is a lot to do in the area (Port Aransas/Corpus Christi) – great beaches, excellent food, great candy shop with a HUGE rattlesnake on display plus fishing, camping, boating, etc.. If you plan on going next year, make reservations well in advance – there were No Vacancy signs everywhere.

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