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Quick Get-aways – Antiques, Wildflowers & Tractors

I’ve always thought that April and October had the best weather for being outdoors here in Texas and this April is no exception.  David and I totally enjoyed our trip to the Round Top Antiques Fair a couple of weeks ago and are always looking for a get-away we can see in a day.  However, finding interesting events is not always easy since most events are only advertised locally.   


 That being said, I’ve put together a list of some great things to do for the up-coming weekend (April 18-19).  If you are a photographer and enjoy the Texas wildflowers and countryside, there are several events being held in various cities.  Those cities are Austin, Fredericksburg, Chappel Hill (one of my favorites),  and Henderson.  The Henderson event also includes an Antique Tractor Show.  I know the guys are gonna love that.  If you would like more information on these events – visit Texas Events.


quicksandSome other – non-flower – activities are the International Festival being held in Houston; the Sand Fest in Port Aransas (totally awesome sand sculpturs on the beach); Crawfish Festival in Spring; and the Folkfest in New Braunsfels. For more information on these check out Texas Events.

Last but not least for those of you that enjoy antiques. There are several shows going on this coming weekend. They are in Cleburne (15 miles of antiques !!!), Grandview, Dallas, and Fort Worth. For information on location, etc. visit Texas Antique Shows.

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  • janmon


    Thank you and glad you like the page. Yes, it is free (WordPress) – Atahualpa Theme by BytesForAll . This template offers a lot of variables you can choose from to create a more individual looking Blog.

    To give my Blog the look I wanted, I replaced some of the graphics and favicons as well as how they were presented.

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