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Dogwood & Redbud Trees – Spring is Here!

When we lived in the city we would drive for hours just to get a peek at the flowering trees and fields of flowers if only for a short afternoon. Since we’ve been living in the country, I get to enjoy those beautiful sights everyday. Simply driving to the grocery takes me down quiet country roads where Dogwood and Redbud trees are scattered amongst the East Texas Pines and mighty Oaks.

The first of the wild flowers are beginning to bloom and  I am guarding my blueberry bushes – now in full bloom – from the pesky birds that seem to find the blooms tasty.

A trip to Palestine last week provided this picture of the little foot-bridge with dogwoods. Palestine has a beautiful park full of dogwood trees as well as a Dogwood Festival. dogwood This year the Festival will be on the weekends of March 21-22, 28-29 and April 4-5. There will be lots to do and see. For more information on this and other events visit the Texas Antique Mall Travel page.

1 comment to Dogwood & Redbud Trees – Spring is Here!

  • JeannieM

    What beautiful pictures! My Mom loved Redbud trees and I love Dogwoods.When we originally moved to our 6 acres we just started “clearing”, sadly with no thought for what we might be cutting down.(Ahhh city folks)But, miraculously we did not touch a grove of Dogwoods which grew on the property…………….and ohhhh how breathtaking they were each Spring!!! The most beautiful thing about the property by far. Thank you for these great pics.