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Christmas at Fort Parker

There is always so much to cram into December . . . what with Christmas to get ready for – baking, shopping, gifts, and lots of activities.  And it seems to me there are always lots of outside events taking place around the holidays – if you have the time to enjoy them. One event that is fun for both adults and children is to experience Christmas at one of the old Texas forts. Fort Parker (near Mexia) has such an event every year and it is well worth taking time to see. This years event has passed but there’s always next year – you can keep track of most of the year-around events here in Texas by visiting  This is Our Texas.  There’s lots more about Texas there as well including state parks, lakes, rv parks, auctions and links to hunting and fishing information.

Christmas at Fort Parker has lots of vendors, variety of food and most of the people selling are dressed up in costumes. There’s even an outdoor shooting range and you can watch artisans practicing some of the old western skills like blacksmsithing. There were wagon rides and a visitor center with information for those interested in history – and of course, there’s tons of good food to eat and lots of fun souvenirs to buy.

We took these pictures at the Fort on our last trip just to give you an idea of what’s there. It was a lot of fun – but I can’t imagine having to live in such primitive conditions.



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