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Babie the ‘Czech’ Labrador

czechbabieWhat do Babie – Skunk Eggs and the Beer Barrel Polka all have in common?  They were all at the Czech Fest this Saturday in West, Texas.  Had a great time!  Went with my cousins – Nancy, Joe and their grandson Jace. We started out early and spent the day. There were lots of traditional costumes, fabulous food (sausages, beer bread, sirloin on a stick, beer) and music. The parade of costumes showcased specific regions of the Czech Republic and while they were all similar – they were all different.   Some were extremely intricate with lots of pleats, detailed embroidery, floral designs sewn on with Czech glass beads, and yards and yards of beautiful lace. We were told one of the outfits took over 2,000 hours just to embroider !! I figured this out – at 8 hours a day that is 250 days – 35.7 weeks or almost 9 months !!   Had to be a labor of love.  At the festival everyone is Czech – including Babie. We saw Babie walking with her owners through the mid-way and had to get a picture. She was all decked out in a Czech inspired coat,  head-dress of flowers . . .and too-cute shoes. She was indeed the hit everywhere she went.

czechgroupSpent quite a bit of time listening to music in the huge tent pavilions that were set up – it was very hot that day.  The bands were great and there was plenty of room to get out and do the polka.  Almost everyone was dancing – moms with babies, couples – even the old folks that had canes and could barely get around were out on the floor swaying to the music.  Of course had to check out the arts and crafts. Lots of stuff – nothing I needed – but was intrigued by one lady doing ‘hair halos’.  She would place a circular form covered in a shirred fabric on top of the head and then wrap sections of hair around it so that it looked just like a crown. The hair didn’t totally cover the form but when finished gave the effect of alternating hair – colored form – hair – colored form, etc – you get the idea. It was pretty cool – no pun intended – and the little girls that were having it done – looked really cute with it.   After we left the crafts tent – my curiosity was totally tweaked when I saw the sign for Skunk Eggs.
czechskunkDidn’t have time to investigate what they were but did a search on the Internet and found out that a skunk egg is an onion…. news to me. Therefore, I’m making a huge leap in guessing that the Skunk Egg being sold was an onion blossom – or something similar as it was being offered with Ranch Dressing.  If I get to go back next year, I’m going to eat a Skunk Egg for sure.   Děkuji !!

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