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Austin + Buda + Round Top = A full weekend

peytonIt is always nice to get away from everything and David and I did just that this past weekend.  We went to Austin to see out 4 month old grand-daughter, Peyton.  Hadn’t seen her or her parents since around Christmas – she was about 2 months then.  She had grown so much in just that short time – I had forgotten how much babies can change in such a short time.  She was soooooo adorable, so alert and smelled just like I remember babies smelling.  The good smell . . .  sweet and warm with all those baby powders and lotions. 

We next went to visit my brother-in-law in Buda. Had to drive via I-35 to get there. The Austin traffic was terrible and much worse than I could remember – even for a Friday. We later found out that part of the problem was because they were having the South-by-Southwest festival. If you have not heard of this event, it is a major festival showcasing over 1,800 musical acts from around the globe. All taking place on over 80 stages scattered throughout the downtown area. If you are into music, acting and the like – you definitely need to check this out for next year.  My cousin Amanda always goes.  I’m not sure if her participation had anything to do with her getting a part in a movie – but I know ‘schmoozing’ is the name of the game – and we were all excited for her. 

ohfarmOur last stop coming home was to visit our friend Frank at his new Round Top antique venue. He has been working on his property for about 2 years getting ready for the grand-opening of his Old Henry Farm for the upcoming antique fair held twice a year.  Round Top is a major antique event here in Texas and dealers from all over the country come to set-up and sell  in the otherwise small, rural communities of Round Top/Warrenton.   If you enjoy antiques, rides in the country and good food – plan a trip to Round Top to see the spring or fall show.  And, if you want to set-up as a dealer, give Frank a call – his venue is ‘First Class’. For more information on the dates and times for all the shows check out the Texas Antique Mall show page.

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