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My ‘Cement’ Diet

I am choosing today – April 27 – to celebrate as the 1 year anniversary of my diet.  I know just about everyone is on some kind of a diet – but, how many people do you know that are on a ‘cement’ diet’?  Yes, I said cement . . .  just like you buy at the hardware store, mix up and then dump in a hole.

Warning:    Before I continue, please don’t anyone attempt to try this yourself.  I did weight lifting for many, many years and know that there is a proper way to lift heavy weight so as to not hurt yourself.  So – under no circumstances should anyone try the lift/carry part as the cement bags are very heavy.  If you want to get an idea of what extra weight would feel like, pick up a couple of bags of flour or sugar.

I started this diet last year when we had a load of supplies delivered from Lowe’s.  Included were about 40 bags of cement – 60 lbs. each.  I wanted to help David move the bags to cover so they wouldn’t get wet, so I picked up a bag and carried it to the garage.  By the time I got there, I was thinking how heavy it seemed.  I then got to thinking that this was what  the extra weight my body was carrying around must feel like.   That was an eye-opening experience.  What a constant strain that must be on my back, knees  and legs – not to mention the strain on the internal organs.  That was my epiphany – the light bulb went on.  From that day forward I’ve been on a diet.  I’ve lost 30 pounds this last year simply by watching what I eat.   Has it been ‘easy’?   No!   But, do I feel better and like the way I look?  YES!!! 

It’s been a slow process – but they say that’s the best way to keep the weight off.    And, I’ve not given up anything I like to eat.  Nothing is off limits.  I just eat less of   it.  I’ll give you the  meal-by-meal  details of what I eat  and my eating schedule in my next blog.  And if I get real brave – I might put up a picture    🙂

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