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Blueprint for ‘Cement’ Diet

Now for the nuts and bolts of how I’ve managed what I eat and when I eat it.

A typical day – which is 5 days a week – would be toast and jelly, 1 slice bacon, and coffee.  A non-typical day – weekend eating – would be 1/2 patty pan sausage, 2 small pancakes w/syrup; 1 scrambled egg, 1 slice bacon and toast.    If you like cereal, that would be a good alternate – I just don’t like milk.  And, if we’re traveling or on vacation, I eat whatever is on the menu – just less of  it.

The  ‘S’ word – Snack.  If I must snack mid-morning, the snack will be 1/2 an apple, banana or other fruit.  Raw veggies or a few chips are OK – about 1/2 cup.

Lunch is a normal, regular meal.  This includes any and everything I want – mayonnaise, butter, salad dressings, any kind of meat – fried shrimp included, veggies in any form, and sometimes  a baked potato with all the trimmings.   Even hot bread with butter is allowed.    While anything is allowed, I do limit the serving size.   I allow myself only 1 average serving – NO heaping – and, NO going back for seconds.  This includes eating the last bite in the bowl when clearing the table.  I’ve learned to either save the leftovers for another day or throw them out.  Dessert is optional.  I’m not fond of sweets so no dessert is not a problem for me.

Supper is half of whatever I’m serving David.  Most of the time supper is light – soup, sandwich, nachos, wrap-ups, etc.  This is the key meal to keep small and light.  I will take vitamins before supper as the extra water helps make me feel full.  Dessert is 1 Fig Newton.   Don’t like Fig Newtons?  Pick something you do like but keep the calorie count low. 

Lastly – absolutely nothing to eat after 8 pm.  I have found this the hardest to do since snacking while watching TV was standard at our house.  So now, I just get a glass of water or sugar-free iced tea to curb my nibbles. 

I plan on staying on my ‘cement’ diet because it makes me feel better.  And, like my doctor said during my last visit, “… nothing but good old common sense just like Mother used to give you.”

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