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White Chocolate Ice Box Pie w/Raspberry Sauce

walnuttreeWhat a storm !!  Lots of broken limbs to clean up. We have a dead black walnut tree near the pond and with all the wind it’s been shedding lots of limbs.  There were so many that I had to clear the drive yesterday otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to drive through.  Some of them were pretty big – so ended up just dragging them off.  Will have to get David to get the chain saw to make them manageable.  Should make a nice fire!








One good thing about the stormy weather are the beautiful sunsets we see afterward the storms.  For as long as we’ve lived here we never get tired of them.  Kind of like snowflakes . . . each one is different.


Today is a beautiful day and thankfully . . .  cool enough to finish raking the leaves in the front yard under the old oak.  One more raking and then a clean up mow with the grass catcher – or as I call it the hopper – and I’ll be finished with the leaves for this year.  We did manage to get both piles of grass and dead limbs burned before the rain hit.  Now will have to wait for the new piles to dry out before burning again.


With all the rain, haven’t had much time to work outside – but have managed to work in the garage and get it sorted out.  Threw out lots of stuff, i.e., plastic bottles, empty cans that we were keeping for who knows what.  Sometimes wonder if we’re not borderline hoarders??  But guess as long as we can walk around without stumbling over stuff we’re ok.



Trying to get back into the  routine of baking.  Not my favorite thing to do.  So far I’ve made Baklava and a chocolate pie.  Wanted something sweet the other day, not sure what – so off to the pantry I went to see what was available.  Felt like Old Mother Hubbard, the cupboard, as far a ‘sweets’ were concerned,  was pretty bare.  Had a pie shell, some jello and couple of boxes of sugar-free pudding – one of which was white chocolate.  Must have picked it up by mistake???  Anyway, made do with what I had.


Made a white chocolate ice box pie with whipped cream topping and then drizzled with raspberry sauce.  Have to admit, I’d eat almost anything with raspberry sauce on it – even chocolate – which I don’t like. BTW – Does white chocolate qualify as chocolate???


It was such an easy fix and turned out tasting really good – as well it looked pretty – so will probably, no definitely, make it again.  Thinking about mixing white chocolate and cheesecake puddings together for a little different flavor.




All you’ll need to try this is:

  • 1 graham cracker pie shell,
  • 1 box white chocolate pudding,
  • whipped cream, and
  • raspberry sauce.  Get the recipe for the sauce here.



  • Whip up the pudding per box directions for making a pie.
  • Pour into shell, and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

I don’t put the whipped cream and sauce on until we’re ready to eat.  And, just so the pudding wouldn’t look so bland, in a separate bowl I added a couple of drops of red food coloring into about 1/4 of the pudding then swirled that into the pudding in the pie shell.  Looked nice enough.  May try using some of the cooled raspberry sauce next time  . . . not sure how that will effect the setting of the pudding.  But we’ll see.


Check back, going to post my favorite recipe for Shrimp with Lobster sauce.  One of our favorites, but of course, can’t find it anywhere around here so have to make it.

Bear_breezwayFinally, have to brag on Bear.  We went out this morning and he headed down the breezeway . . . his typical run. I went around the corner to see what was up and there was a herd of deer grazing in the back five acres.  He was standing there eyeing them – looking like he was trying to make up his mind what he wanted to do.   Just knew he was going to take off chasing after them. Not good when the dogs up here run the deer.    I told him ‘leave it’ and ‘come’ – both of which he immediately  did.   Can’t say enough about what a wonderful job Riouri did training him.  Proud of our pup!

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