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Why is it that IF something is going to go wrong, it will invariably happen either on the weekend or over a holiday when you can’t get a hold of anyone. Such was the case at our house  over Thanksgiving when we had no hot water.  Waiting for repairs but in the meantime I’ve learned what’s like to heat water on the stove for washing dishes . . . haven’t done that in a long time . . . and taking a bath is even more challenging.



Read an article (link below) about some students that were having trouble concentrating in class. This lead them to wonder . . . “why”?  It certainly couldn’t be their cell phone – or could it?

For a science project they decided to test the effect of wi-fi on cress seeds, close vs. distant. As far as I’m concerned the results were mind-boggling.



For those that don’t want to read the entire article, the seeds on the left were the ones close to the wi-fi signal, the ones on the right were the ones farther away. Enough said.

Scientists from other countries found their project intriguing enough to do further study on the effects of wi-fi.

To read the entire article, please visit this link.




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