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Was That a Bob Cat ???!!

mountainlionAfter living in the country for all these years, there isn’t much that scares me. But – while we were sitting down to supper the other night – my ears perked up and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – in fact, wasn’t even sure what it was. Asked David, ‘did you hear that?”


Then we heard it again. A sound that I can only describe as that similar to a lion’s roar. Heard it a couple of times – so out onto the back porch I went to see if I could tell which direction it was coming from. Of course, once I was outside it stopped and didn’t hear it again. . . . but a few days later David was looking out the front door and saw what appeared to be a bob cat sitting under one of the trees in the field – crouched in the brush. Guess it must have heard the door open because  as David went out to take a better look with the binoculars – it jumped and ran, disappearing into the woods in only a matter of a few seconds . Haven’t seen – or heard – anything else ‘cat’ related – and hope we don’t.


tomatoplant1Looks like we’re in for more freezing weather this week – not that it matters. All of the fruit blooms are gone and the leaves are all wilted and limp. What a bummer. Not even sure if I’ll try for a garden this year. Maybe a couple of tomato plants – in a pot or a bag of dirt – but that would probably be all. Not even any black-eyed peas (one of our favorites), in spite of the fact that they are selling for $1.69 a can at the grocery!!!! I’m a price checker and I am still amazed at the increase in food costs – fresh and canned. About the tomato plants in the bags of dirt, had a friend years ago that lived in an apartment and grew his vegetables by planting the seedlings into opened bags of garden soil. Kept them on the balcony where they could get sun and they did really well. May just have to give it a try. Sounds super easy. No weeds!


circlestar1Mentioned last week that we’re taking Bear to obedience training. He’s done well so far with my efforts – but it’s kind of like a family member trying to teach you to drive a car. It’s better done by an objective teacher. So – off he goes April 2 for a 30-day course. Can’t imagine what it will be like around here with him gone – but we can visit and have plans to do so . . . often. He should have an interesting time since this place is more like a resort than kennel what with massages, boating, golf-cart rides mixed in between training sessions – he’s bound to have fun. I’ll be posting pictures of him at ‘camp’ later on.  gardensoil






Baked a couple of apple strudels this weekend. We had them for breakfast and dessert – re-heated with ice cream. Yummmm!! They were sugar-free naturally – get recipe here.


Also, couple of quick tips. If you’ve seen them before – just ignore them.


parkay1When baking blueberry muffins, cornbread, or using any other type of mix, add 1 tablespoon melted real butter to the batter. You’ll be surprised at the improvement in taste and texture.


If you use the liquid ‘butter’ that comes in the bottle, when you think you’re finished with it and there is no more – take the cap off and heat the bottle in the microwave in increments of 10 seconds to melt the remaining product still in the bottle. Use the melted ‘butter’ in mashed potatoes, on rice, in gravies, etc. You’ll most likely be surprised how much liquid pours out that you would otherwise thrown out.


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