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See Pictures of Tornado Shelter Installation

Torando Shelter

Took a trip to Henderson couple of weeks ago. For those of you here in Texas that may not know where Henderson is located – it’s southeast of Tyler. That makes it north of us. Very pretty part of the state but were we surprised to see all of the wholesale nurseries located along the highway around Jacksonville. Didn’t count them, but there must have been dozens of then. Row after row of huge buildings filled with all manner of plants. Most of the nursery businesses were closed to the public – but have to wonder what makes that part of the state so friendly to that type of trade.

The main goal of the trip was to visit the warehouse where they make tornado shelters. Reason being – we’re having one installed and David being the claustrophobic person that he is – had to see ‘in person’ just how big they were. How much room there was to move around in. How much light filtered in (or would he be sitting in the dark). And, how easy they were to enter.


We were fortunate to meet some of  the people – including Juan – who actually work on the units while waiting for the sales rep. Juan was able to answer all our questions and even provided a ladder so that David could ‘test drive’ a shelter. I opted out since the test drive involved a climb up and then a climb back down to get inside one of the units.


This is all thanks to a gov. rebate program that helps out with the cost. If you are interested in seeing if you qualify for a rebate, visit this link


We got the call that our shelter would be installed this past Wednesday, so the following pictures will tell you a lot more about the process than I could ever write.

You can click once on the picture to enlarge; click twice to return to normal size.




Can’t believe that school supplies are out at all the stores. Guess that means that summer must be about over. But, if you’re looking for something to do here in Texas – now and later in the year – don’t forget that This is Our Texas  has lots of Texas travel information including:

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And last but not least, here’s a picture of our Bear in his favorite sleeping position.







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