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Think You’ve Got Ants ?

If you think you have ant problems, take a look at the picture below. Those very large mounds of terraced dirt are ant hills. They are at the edge of the road coming home.

Can’t even imagine how many ants it takes to build something of that size – and what’s even more amazing, you’ll see places like this all along the roads out here. My guesstimate is that the whole community of beds must be about 18 feet across with multi-levels going up the side of the road into the woods. Some of the entrance holes to the hills were golf ball size. Didn’t want to get out to measure or disturb anything- just took the picture from the car window and left. Thank goodness we don’t have anything like that in the immediate area around the house.  David has found that spraying around the house in Spring with Home Defense (available at Lowe’s) keeps the spiders, ants, scorpions, and other creepy-crawlers away. I still use my trusty can of Raid to kill ants in the yard and we’ve also discovered  that Raid works just as well on wasps – as long as you don’t need to spray at a distance. My opinion, Raid is still the most cost effective ant killer out there.

Feeling good about the yard this year. I even have my herb garden planted!!! Granted, the flower bed surrounding it still needs clearing out – but that’s coming and I hope to have it finished before it gets too hot. David has plans to get the new ‘star’ deck painted this weekend and it will be a perfect time to work on the flower bed. Especially since I bought a whole table full of plants at Lowe’s. Hadn’t intended to – but they were on the ‘clearance’ rack selling for a fraction of the original cost. Just couldn’t resist them. Who could pass up hanging baskets for $2.00 and 6-pack bedding plants for fifty-cents??!!


Have most of the vegetable garden cleared of weeds and ready to plant this weekend. The head board and foot board in the flower bed is ready for beans. I like recycling things, so when last years bird netting we used for the blue berries got torn, we cut it into sections and tied those to the lower portions of the ‘bed’ trellises for the beans to climb on. Did this after re-painting the trellises green. Looks really nice and should provide support even for the tiniest seedlings.

My friend Becky is always a wealth of good information. So when I received an email from her this week loaded with information on the benefits of eating okra – just knew I had to post it.

Okra is one of those foods you either love or hate. It’s not like some foods, that you can say …. “oh,yes, I love deviled eggs but on the other hand – absolutely hate soft boiled eggs“. I love okra – David hates it. I don’t think there is anyway on this Earth to entice him to eat it – even if I were to put it in shrimp gumbo (and you all know how much he loves shrimp). Anyway the email was very interesting – and you can read it all right here.

Now, for those that may not have heard, there were some terrible tornadoes here in Texas first of the week. We were very fortunate in that we only had some rain, wind and very minor hail – no damage. Dallas and some of the areas from Cleburne northeast from there suffered terrible devastation. One of the most amazing videos taken was of a tractor/trailer lot (I believe off I-20) where the side-by-side semi-trailers were literally picked up by the tornado and went flying through the air. If you haven’t seen this video, it worth watching just to see the amazing strength of Mother Nature.


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