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Tar Paper & Termites !!

deck2015_1This has been an interesting week.  I think I now know why you never – or maybe I should say rarely  – see  construction companies owned by women.  After a few years of sun and rain the back deck of the garage where the trash cans are stored was literally disintegrating.   So much so, there were the start of holes with the chance of falling through and I definitely don’t need a broken leg. So my project this week (and last) was to get the materials to fix it and then figure out how to make it all work.  No small project for someone who’s never built anything.


deck2015_3 Have to say David was there to offer suggestions – which was most helpful.  Overall project took about three days once I had the supplies.  This was from laying tar paper to painting the wood.  While the new deck  is solid and serviceable, can’t say that I’d win any awards for how it looks.  But it gets the job done and I can walk back there now without any worries.


deck2015_4Have to admit, I had the biggest urge to paint it to look like a patchwork quilt since it was pieced together  Since I couldn’t carry the large pieces of plywood,  had to get them cut small enough for me to handle.  Still may do that paint job when David isn’t looking.


Tis the season . .  . for termites.  Went out to the carport yesterday, and my eye was caught on heading back into the house by the  fuzzy looking floor going into the breezeway that is made of landscape timbers.  Not only was it fuzzy, it was moving!  On closer examination, I was stunned to see the whole thing covered with termites.  They had appeared in a matter on only minutes – which in itself is weird.  Grabbed the Raid and gave them a good spray.  Checked around the rest of the house and garage – but no more bugs.  You’d think having used treated landscape timbers, you wouldn’t have to worry about termites – but guess the timbers aren’t termite-proofed.




Bear celebrates his birthday on  April 23 – he’ll be 2 years old.  He has become so much a part of our family and with the training he’s been taking, he manners are so much better he is a real pleasure to be around.


When David was coming home from the hospital, I was concerned about Bear and how he would act around David – after all it had been months since he’d seen him.  And, I was also concerned about how Bear would react to the walker – with the tennis ball feet, and the wheels on the wheelchair. He always loved to chase the lawn mower wheels and tennis balls are his absolute favorite thing.


Not to worry.  We were blessed to have found the best dog trainer in Texas.  Rory has made such a difference in Bear’s behavior then and now.  He responds to our commands, he will stop when we tell him to (very helpful when David is going up and down the steps) and he is just calmer overall.


David no longer uses either the walker or the wheelchair, but we have continued Bear’s training.  If you are fortunate enough to live near Palestine – or in the general area of East Texas, and are looking for someone to train you dog,   get in touch with Rory  . . . can’t say enough about how good she is and how impressive her training techniques are – or visit her website at Wag’n Train Dog Training.

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