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Surprises & Change

Surprises and change . . . two things I particularly don’t like. Of course, surprises can be a good thing – like the beautiful sunset we had last night.


But then finding a snake in the goldfish pond isn’t one of the surprises I like.

Went out the other day to check on the water level and there skimming along the surface was a rather long ribbon snake. Looked like it was at least a foot long.   Have no idea what he was looking for since we currently don’t have any goldfish.  So off I went to get the net.  Thought I might be able to catch him and toss him into the field.  Well I did get back in time to scoop him up – but  only half of him which meant that he was able to slither out of the net and slide under the deck step.  Of course, now every time I go out I look for that snake.  I don’t like snakes!




Now for change. Finally had to breakdown and get a new billfold . . . wallet  . . . clutch, whatever you want to call it as my old one was to the point of having stuff fall out.  Reason I don’t like getting a new billfold?  I get comfortable with a wallet and where everything is . . . and getting a new one means getting familiar all over  with where things are.    In fact, panic almost sets in if there is a credit card out of place.  Just know I’ve either left it somewhere or lost it !  Does that make me OCD????


All in all, the new one is much better.  Larger, more space for credit cards (but who has – or needs –  18 credit cards ??!!!).  It also has RFID protection.   Didn’t know wallets came with this embedded.  RFID is the blocking of someone trying to get your credit card information using a  scanning device when they come within close proximity of you.


Living in a rural area I’m not too concerned about this – but nevertheless guess it is good to have.  If your wallet or handbag doesn’t  have RFID protection, there are protective sleeves you can purchase to keep credit cards safe.  Can’t say how effective they are – and seems like it would be a lot of trouble having to take a card in and out of two holders.  But then if it keeps someone from making illegal charges . . . might be worth it.





With Thanksgiving right around the corner, one thing that doesn’t change are the old stand-by recipes that I make.  This year think we’ll have the following:

Sugar-free Cranberry Sauce

Rodeo Nuts

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Sugar Free Cookies w/Cherry filling

I’m seeing a definite trend here of sweet, sweet, sweet.

And, just so you’ll know . . . please check back.  I’ve come up with a new recipe for a 50% sugar free chocolate cake with a sugar-free cream filling. David thought it was the best yet.  And, that’s going to be our Christmas treat!  Will post recipe sometime after Thanksgiving.


Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving !






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