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Stars, Peaches & Gold

Many years ago a friend of mine used to joke that all ‘country folks’ did was sit around, watch the grass grow, and the old car rust. At that time (being a full-time city girl), that sounded funny…. but after a dozen years of living in the country – I no longer agree. There’s so much more to see (and do)  – especially if you enjoy nature and being outside.

Living where we do there are no lights after dark. Sometimes it is so dark you literally can’t see your hand in front of your face. This makes it perfect for sitting out in our zero-gravity chairs and watching the stars. That’s exactly what we did about 10 o’clock the other night. Hauled the chairs out into the front yard away from the trees and kicked back.   We could see the Big Dipper and the Milky Way – along with millions of other stars. Even saw some ‘shooting stars’ and satellites. We ended up staying out there until almost midnight – and hated to come in but we were both about to fall asleep.   Seems the longer we stayed the darker it got and the more stars we could see. There was a nice breeze and we had our ‘mosquito fans’ running. You’ve probably seen those on TV. We don’t have very many mosquitoes here – not like in Houston where they would just about carry you off .  Don’t know if it was the breeze, the fan or ‘lack of’  but we didn’t get one bite. Can’t wait for another clear night to do it again. Seeing all those stars sure makes you feel small.

Saw a strange site couple of days ago. At first it looked like a large, no it looked huge – plane being towed by a small plane. But have to say I’ve never heard of any airplane being towed while in flight. Called David to come take a look and he thought it must be a mid-air refueling. Whatever it was – it was something we’ve not seen up here . . . and we have seen some peculiar things since we seem to be in a fly-over path for some of the military planes.

The peaches on one tree have all ripened – at one time – and I now have bowls of peaches . . . with the other tree (a different type) also being loaded and getting ripe. Had so many peaches I went on line to see if I could freeze them somehow and maybe use them later.

Found a website that said you could freeze them whole, unwashed.   All you had to do was place the individual peach on a cookie sheet, place them in the freezer until frozen and transfer to a plastic freezer bag. (My freezer won’t hold a cookie sheet so I put them in a meat loaf pan – worked just as well and they didn’t roll anywhere.)  Then when you need some – take them out, run under water or microwave for a few seconds. I’ve got several bags of them frozen – it should be interesting to see how they taste and cook up later on.

Fortunately, freezing them doesn’t do anything to them. You can set a fresh peach next to a frozen peach  and not tell any difference. I thought they might turn dark … but they haven’t. They are hard as rocks though, I’ll have to be careful not to drop on on my foot.

If you haven’t had a chance – visit      I’ve got the pages up where you can calculate the current market value for your gold jewelry as long as you know the weight and karat. Once you’re on the website, click on the Free Online Tools link.

This is really good especially if you’re planning on selling some of your gold jewelry. You’ll have an idea of the value before you sell it.  One other thought, if you’re selling your gold for scrap – you might want to take the gem stones out before selling or shipping.  Doubt if you’ll get any extra $$ for the gems so why not keep them.

Plan on putting up a couple of new recipes on I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free  next few days (time permitting). We’re re-painting the shutters (actually David’s painting – I’m just holding the ladder) on the front of the house and it is a chore to get behind the shrubs to take them down. Back to the recipes – one is for Orange-Ginger Glazed Chicken and the other is for easy Creamed New Potatoes – made without whole milk or cream. The creamed potatoes are delicious and since they don’t use any milk keep a long time in the fridge if you have any leftovers. 

And, don’t forget if you want to enjoy restaurant  food at home without the expensive tab – get your copy of  Secret Restaurant Recipes  and for a limited time get  7 Free Bonus Cookbooks.

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