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Stars, Mars and GSK





Next to the beautiful wildflowers in spring, my next favorite part of living in the country is being able to see the stars at night.

Have found that the stars seem to be brighter in the winter but then it’s just too cold to go out and enjoy.  On taking Bear out for his last call of the day,  been noticing a ‘star’ in the sky that appears red and twice the size of the other stars.  Did a little research and found out that this month there are 5 planets appearing in the southeastern sky.  This one particular planet has been moving across the night sky and now I can see a couple of other planets close by.   Quite a site to see.  To get  more information, visit







I like using bill pay since it saves me a lot on postage. So when I received a notice from one of my credit cards that their address had changed, headed straight to my bank account to verify the address . . .  since at the bottom of the bill it stated that sometimes the address will be automatically updated ????   To make a long story short, could not view or edit the information for that payee – so had to call the bank ‘help’ line for bill pay.  What a mess!!!!


The whole system was computerized. So all I kept getting were questions . . . what do you want to do?  . . . .  is that correct?  . .  .  give us your whatever.   It was so frustrating – seems I was in a loop that after answering one question I kept going backwards and answering the same questions over again.  Finally, in response to another question,  just answered ‘OPERATOR’.  Couldn’t believe it, the mechanical-computer  voice answered, “Oh, you want to speak to a representative. Please hold while I transfer you.”

I’ve tried this twice now, simply saying ‘operator’   –  and keeping my fingers crossed – so far it has worked.  So, next time you find yourself talking to a computer, try saying the word operator to see if it works.

Note: The conversation with the person was just about as frustrating – but I did get the information I needed. . .  eventually.




Don’t know about you and your computer, but my computer has getting messages for me to update to Windows 10. I do NOT want to upgrade to Windows 10 – takes too much space.  After months of x-ing out of the upgrade you can imagine I was stunned to come into the office and find my computer upgrading to Windows 10 on its own !!!  I had never given permission for this to be done in spite of being requested to do so many, many times.


When I came in the upgrade was at about 23%. Tried to use the Task Manager to stop it, no luck.  Couldn’t get anything to work, so I just unplugged the computer.  That stopped it.  On restarting the computer, received the message that it was restoring my computer to the previous version of Windows.  This seemed to go on for quite a while and I was just about  to panic since all I was seeing was a black screen.  Took a couple of deep breaths and finally my computer came back up normal.

To keep this from happening again (I hope), found a program online (free) that can easily be installed and is touted to stop this unauthorized download from happening.  We’ll see.  Anyway, if you find yourself in this situation,  the link to the site for the download is below.




Read the information before doing anything, and then use the Install download if you are not sure about configuring the program on your own. The install will walk you through an installation wizard and make the process relatively easy.  The directions are  good and simple to follow.  The program even allowed me to delete the W10 files that had already made their way into my computer !



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