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Southern Snow

And the cold goes on. Compared to the northern states, guess I shouldn’t be complaining – BUT – I really don’t like the cold. We had a bit of snow last week. I say bit of snow because it was only about an inch – and compared to measuring snow in feet as they do up north – our little dusting probably isn’t even worth mentioning. But for us in the south who aren’t used to it – nor do we have the means to deal with ice and snow, i.e., snow tires, snow blowers, etc. – it is quite an occasion when it does occur. And quite often causes a lot of problems as seen in Georgia this week. Have to say it is pretty . . . for a while and then everything gets yucky muddy.



snow3_2014Don’t think Bear knew quite what to make of the cold white stuff on the ground. His first reaction (on going out to potty that morning) was to come to a screeching halt at the edge of the ramp. He just stood there looking around at everything – in fact, he was ready to turn around and come back in. I had to practically shove him down the ramp. Once I got him going, he slid the rest of the way. After a few minutes out in the yard, think he even liked it. Made some snowballs and tossed ’em to him. He tried to catch them but, of course, they fell apart in his mouth. That’s when he figured out he could eat that white stuff !!   Chomp!!   Chomp!!


It’s a warm 55 this afternoon and I can’t wait for spring – have loads of yard projects. I have figured out that IF I want to have any flowers or vegetables they will have to be outside the fenced yard. Also, seriously thinking about moving all the rocks along the existing beds out as well. I’m always amazed at what that dog can dig up and carry around in his mouth. Rocks included! That will be a major project – so giving it much thought.  One thought on winter – we have some beautiful sunsets.  In fact, I’ve been taking the camera out with me when Bear and I play late in the day – that’s how I get some of those beautiful shots.

valentinepotatoHad an early valentine the other day. While getting potatoes out for lunch was surprised to see the heart shaped spud pictured. Maybe its a sign of good things to come . . . if you believe in that sort of stuff.


I’m not much on processed foods, but sometimes if I’m in a jam, I’ll fix a Stouffer’s meal. Tried one of the Stouffer’s family meals (Salisbury Steak) – that was new to us – the other day. Not bad for a quick fix. (Lasagna is still my fav.) After scouring the box for directions – finally had to call them and ask about cooking instructions. Didn’t know whether to leave the film cover on, off or cut??? for oven cooking. They were very pleasant and didn’t make me feel like an idiot for asking. As an added bonus – they sent me several coupons to try some of their other products. Love getting coupons and now guess we’ll try some other stuff they have out there.  Guess the old saying ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ holds true for coupons too.











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